Prahran Hotel


When I passed Prahran Hotel during their refurbishment I was puzzled. Why would someone have loads and loads of round concrete tubes piled on top of each other? Once it was completed it looked absolutely spectacular and for some reason I was dead set on it being a really fancy restaurant. Well, you probably know I was wrong. It’s pretty much a regular ol’ pub but with a fancy new face and a tube twist. And is it impressive? Is it eye-catching? You betcha! And is there something wrong with a regular ol’ pub? Definitely not! I love ‘em.


During our visit we unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to sample the food or sit in the tubes. With that said, we’ll have to go back to try the grub because the menu looked quite amazing. And yes, I really want go back to sit and eat in those tubes. 

There’s plenty other places to sit though even if you’re not lucky enough to get a tube spot. If I had to say, there’s three distinct areas in the place. You’ve got the new tubed area that’s all rustic and industrial which has its own bar and an open yard with the most amazing fairy lights. There’s also the ‘older’ part of the place. It has also been refurbished but has a more plush feel to it. Finally they also have a bistro, in case you’re in need of food but too many to fit into the tubes. Or you simply might not be a tube person, what would I know. 

1309-PrahranHotel-2 1309-PrahranHotel-3 1309-PrahranHotel-4

Drink wise it’s your average pub. There’s a decent selection of beers on tap, wines to be had and cocktails. But that’s not why you head over there. You’ll go there for the ambience, the relaxed feel of it and (yes, I’m about to repeat myself, I know, please don’t hold it against me) the tubes!

1309-PrahranHotel-5 1309-PrahranHotel-6 1309-PrahranHotel-7 1309-PrahranHotel-8

Prahran Hotel
82 High St Prahran VIC 3181
(03) 9529 2168

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