Point Ormond Café – the little gem by the beach

Point Ormond Cafe Elwood 1

A little gem, located right at Elwood beach… A place where you watch the waves rolling in, in the bay. Where you can sit back and relax after cycling along the coast or you get your ice cream fix while having a lazy beach day.

May I introduce you the Point Ormond Café.

Point Ormond Cafe Elwood 1

What at first looks like yet another beach kiosk, is in reality a proper developed cafe.

They might not have your typical menu and table service but Point Ormond Café has a lot to satisfy your cravings by the beach. Food-wise the range goes from the classical toasty, to sandwiches, to yummy wraps and of course your well known chips and sausage rolls.

For the ice cream, they offer ice cream by the scoop or choose from one of your Peter`s favourites.
And if your sweet tooth still isn’t satisfied you might opt for a wonderful crunchy but soft biscotti, a cookie or a slice of today’s cake that’s on offer.

Point Ormond Cafe Elwood 2

The coffee I had there was amazing. I hadn’t had much expectations, but may I say, that Point Ormond’s Cafe coffee can easily compete  with your well known big players. Yes I know that’s a big call I’m making here, but it’s true!

If coffee is not your thing, go have a milkshake, a chai or choose one of the teas on offer.

Point Ormond Cafe Elwood 4

Best thing about this cafe, is of course the beach location and the fact that it’s located right by your bike path so you and your friends or family can stop for a break and enjoy this beautiful little beach in Elwood (which is usually not very crowded and you won’t see much tourist).

So if you are planning to spend a day by the beach – think Elwood beach – think Point Ormond Café.

More information:

Point Ormond Café
29A Ormond Esplanade
Elwood, Victoria, 3168
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