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Rachel and Kevin are what you call a social hub among their friends.
They always know about the latest events, they enjoy live music gigs, good food and even more so drinks when in the company of good friends and family. Rachel has moved from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne in 2003, to be with Kevin. Together they now live in Port Melbourne for a bit over ten years and are happy to share some insider tips about this area with Klaus and Fritz.


1. What’s your name?

Hi, we are Rachel Chang…or Rachel Pereira (but I don’t usually go by my married surname) and Kevin Pereira. Also known as Mr & Mrs Pereira…ha haha

2. What do you love about Melbourne?

Melbourne has got soul and we think it is a naturally beautiful city without trying too hard to be one! That’s why we love it here so much.

3. Why did you choose to live in Port Melbourne, and how would you describe it to others?


Kev bought our place just before we met. I think we would describe Port Melbourne a bit like a holiday seaside town especially in summer weekends. There are many people who come down to the beach near us for all kinds of activities. The Port Melbourne beach can get quite busy on a hot summer day with locals, tourists and even people from other suburb come over for a dip in the sea, run down the beachfront, kite surf, for drinks and food at the bars and cafes along Bay Street or at Beacon’s Cove.

4. If you have friends visiting, what places would you bring them to?


Just around Bay Street where there are a lot of cafes, bars, shops or even down to Beacon’s Cove or Beach Street which has a few nice restaurants and bars which faces the water which can be quite pleasant on a nice sunny day.

5. Where would you take them when they get hungry?

It depends what they feel like eating, we have quite a wide range of choices.
Some of my personal favorites are Ciao Cielo for some delicious pasta either for lunch or dinner.

My sister says Port Melbourne

Then there is My Sister Says for some light bites in an eclectic setting, we love the vibe there.
Other Alternatives we love are top-notch Japanese at Komeyui where the sashimi is fresh and prepared right in front of you by the sushi chef who happens to be also the owner. The beautiful cheap Vietnamese pho at Glenda Pho, this little Vietnamese place is really popular throughout all seasons.
And for desert the famous Noisette for some delicious French style bakery or delectable pastries.

6. Where do you go for drinks after dinner?

I used to have a favorite bar in my area but since it changed ownership, it is not the same anymore. My second best option is the Graham Hotel which has a really good range of wines and is owned by a delightful couple who are always happy to have a chat when they are not busy.

7. And most importantly – where would you go for a really nice breakfast after a night out with friends?

seven_am_cafe_port melbourne_inside


Photo credit: seven:am

We’d say the seven:am cafe because it is closest to where we live and the breakfast has always been consistent. But most importantly because of the great brunch and their coffee which has a real punch to it.

8. Now tell us one last question: What’s your absolute favourite place in Melbourne in general?

Our favorite place in Melbourne is the Manchester Building on Flinders Lane, there are plenty little shops which sells locally made craft, haberdashery, art spaces which we like to wander around when we have the time and there is always an aspiring or independent artist who welcomes a chat.


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