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Pearce H. Delphin of is a young caffeine-addicted night owl, a social media fiend and documentarian of everyday life born and bred in Melbourne!
Pearce is currently completing a Business Information Systems degree and working at a consulting company in Melbourne’s CBD. He loves to eat, he loves to travel, and he loves to sip a nice coffee everywhere he goes – whether it’s a glorious little laneway coffee shop hidden within Melbourne’s Hoddle Grid, or in the lounge at the top of Malaysia’s Petronas Towers.
Today we’ve invited him to share his Melbourne favourites here on Klaus and Fritz.


You grew up in Melbourne. What is it you love the most about this city?

The timely public transport. No, wait, maybe I love the low cost of living the most. Ha ha.
Probably the things I love the most about Melbourne is it’s diverse and bipolar weather changes, and its incredible quantity of coffee shops. Melbourne has more coffee shops per capita than any other city in the world, and, just recently, food venues have outnumbered shops in the City of Melbourne for the first time. What a great place to live for foodies!

In which suburb do you live and how would you describe it?

Since growing up on the west side of the city in Westmeadows and Essendon, I’ve always had a close affinity with the western suburbs. Now I live in Brunswick, just near Sydney Rd, which is fabulous for providing an endless supply of new restaurants, bars and cafes to try out, as well as being a short walk from Lygon St, where there’s an even larger supply of interesting establishments.

If you have friends visiting, where would you take them?

The day would definitely start with a beautiful breakfast at the Miss Marmalade Cafe. Eggs Benedict, home-made hash brown cubes, and gingerbread or buttermilk ricotta pancakes with pistachio praline. Incredible! And of course, lots and lots of coffee, with multiple beans to choose from.


Where would you bring them for dinner?

Without a doubt we would go straight to Hellenic Republic for dinner. Located in the less busy end of Lygon St, George Calombaris’s Greek restaurant is absolutely incredible, and highly worth the visit. Guests I take there always love the high quality and succulent food – but make sure you book a table if you’re taking a couple of people.


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And tell us, where do you take them for drinks afterwards?

If it’s time for a drink, depending on the friends I’m with, I’d either head to the Retreat pub for a frothy and some free live music. During the summer time, you can’t find a better place in Brunswick to hang out and enjoy a cold one than the Retreat’s Astroturf. However, if you’re keen on a bit of a classier establishment than a pub, the fancier and recently opened Amelia Shaw cocktail bar – which happens to be just upstairs from the Retreat – is definitely a place worth checking out!

Any spots around your neighbourhood that we definitely should not miss?

Cafe Bellino, on the corner of Sydney Rd and Victoria St, is definitely worth a notable mention. It’s a cafe I frequent when I’m after a decent coffee and a casual catch-up with a friend.
They also serve pizzas and a variety of other food, and if you ask them nicely they will likely be able to whip up whatever you’re after (I’ve been here a couple of times in the late afternoon and demanded bacon and eggs for a very belated breakfast and they’ve complied). They also have a lovely outside section out the front, and a hidden courtyard out the back, which is relaxing for a warm summer’s evening experience while enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

Also don’t forget to check out a number of moving food trucks that can be found in Brunswick! I can’t give a location for these, but do a little research and you should be able to find out where they’ll be!

From your various social media accounts we know you are often to find in the CBD. Where do you go there?

As an avid lover of almost anything Asian, I often frequent Chinatown and the labyrinth of restaurants along it. Two of my favourite places to eat are Westlake (you *must* try the quail there) and the delicious, cheap and authentic Sichuan food at Post-Deng Cafe a little further down the street. After that, walk across a block to Gin Palace – located in a laneway between Lt Collins and Bourke St – to enjoy a tasty cocktail or, of course, hundreds of types of gins.

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