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“Parlour Diner has the best burgers in Melbourne! The Pattie is crunchy chargrilled on the outside juicy on the inside, with the cheese generously melting over the meat pattie”, that’s what a friend told me, totally enthusiastic, with a spark in his eyes.

Well, declaring Parlour Diner to serve the best burgers in town, is a pretty big call so I had to check it out of course



Located in the recently more up and coming part of Windsor, on Chapel St, Parlour Diner is nested in between the bohemian shops right opposite Windsor Station. I’ve been warned of long queues and waiting times when coming on a weekend night, and I should’ve better listened as we almost waited for 40 Minutes to get a seat.

While Parlour clearly styles itself on the American short order diner, this is fused with a cool but welcoming Melbourne vibe, that is very well suited to its Windsor location. Parlour plays true to its namesake, and it’s a great example of how a striped back and minimalist cafe can be done in the right way. It’s a no fuss and easy going, one feels at home from the moment they enter.






A quick breakdown on the menu for you guys (as far as I remember it because I forgot to take a picture of the menu):

The most famous burger is perhaps their signature dish, the Parlour Burger which is a classic example of a true quality beef burger done well (cheese, tomato, beef patty). Add egg and bacon for the Captain, chipotle and asian slaw for the Dynamite, Earth Burger is a vegetarian option, whilst Miss Saigon provides a fish option. Also If I remember it right, there were some hot dog options as well, but I was more focusing on the burgers.


As I’m a Vegetarian I took a meat and burger loving friend with me, to give me the full run down on the meat burgers.

He had the Parlour Burger which came with a sizeable hand-made beef pattie, tomato, generous amounts of lettuce, cheese and pickles on a picture perfect brioche bun. For a burger with so few ingredients, it was surprisingly packed with flavour (his words not mine).  While the burger seemed moderate in size, the sweetness of the bun and the richness of the cheese melted over the meat pattie more than make up for it, to make even the most seasoned burger eater satisfied.

The pattie was obviously the star of this burger. Generous in size and clearly hand molded, it was beautifully cooked with a lovely crunchy chargrilled on the outside and enough juice to keep serious flavour – just like our friend has promised me.



I had the vegetarian option, the Earth Burger, which came with halloumi, tofu, a chargrilled Portobello mushroom, tomatoes, lettuce, a very tasty burger sauce on a perfect brioche bun and I added some chipotle sauce to it. It was one of the very few times I was pleasantly surprised by the veggie burger option in a restaurant and how much attention to the composition of the ingredients they paid.
The real stars apart from the burgers for me at this joint are the curly fries, the chilli poppers, the asian slaw and their home-made chilli sauces.

What can I say… Tasting is believing folks if you’re craving that perfectly, seasoned deliciousness, look no further Parlour is where it’s at.


So what’s the Klaus and Fritz verdict you may ask?!

Well, I’ve munched my way through some pretty good burgers in town so far, and by now Parlour burgers is definitely among the Top 3!

So if you want to take your taste buds out on a very special date, put some cash in your wallet (no cards accepted at Parlour Diner) and invite them to Windsor’s best burger place.


PS: Sorry for the shitty photos. I only had my iPhone with me and the light in Palour Diner wasn’t made for taking great shots with it. Next time!

Parlour Diner
64 Chapel St
Windsor, VIC, 3181

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