Palomino in Northcote


What better way to spend some quality time with your girlfriends, than meeting over brunch on a Sunday morning.
In our case we went to a cafe I’ve already heard loads of raving reviews, but never been there before: Palomino in Northcote.


Palomino is located in Northcote’s High Street and nestled in between some quite interesting homeware, organic fashion and flower shops. Somewhat kind of an institution Palomino’s menu offers all-day breakfast along with rolls, melts and bruschettas, all of which are available with polenta instead of bread, as well as a number of daily specials and sweet and savoury treats.


At first the café seems to be tiny with only a few tables inside and out the front. But after a closer inspection you’ll find some sort of back room with vintage furniture, that invite you to sit down, while reading the paper.

There is also a lovely backyard. The perfect location for afternoon tea, on warm sunny days.


While this place can get quite busy on the weekend you’re better prepared taking your time cause service may slow down a little. But hey, it’s the weekend. Don’t be stressed.

On Foursquare I read about the “Baked egg with spinach, feta, fennel seeds & Pecorino with pumpkin sourdough” and I knew this will be my choice of the day.
While three of my friends ordered the same dish as I did, the others were a bit more adventurous and went for a breakfast taco, corn fritters with salmon and for scrambled eggs with goats and feta cheese.

Let’s be honest with you. Sometimes Foursqaure gives you top-notch recommendations but yesterday wasn’t my lucky day.  I liked my friends breakfast options far more than my own and was totally into the sweet treats like the chocolate cake and chocolate muffin.




Palomino is wonderfully homey and kitsch, with small ornaments and seems like a visit to a friendly neighbour. So if you happen to be in Northcote, go check it out.


From Thursday to Saturday Palomino is also open for dinner, starting at 5:30pm

More Information:
236 High Street
Northcote 3070

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