Operator 25 – Connecting your call for brunch


There are many breakfast places in Melbourne these days. So many in fact, that we struggle sometimes to find the time to brunch our way through the newly opened hip & hyped and the not (yet) so famous cafés of this town.

Operator 25 is one of the cafés that has been on our list for a good while now and since almost every blog and every single publication has already an opinion about it, it was time for Stina and me to see the operator on duty.


Set in a heritage listed Melbourne building, which used to be used by phone call operators who would sit at switchboards connecting calls all day, Operator25 cafe serves breakfast, lunch and everything in between, daily, in a modern rustic ambience.

Conveniently located on the Melbourne CBD fringe within minutes of the leafy Flagstaff Gardens, you still need to know the exact address, otherwise you wouldn’t find it.

Operator-25-9 Operator-25-8


Rocking up mid-morning for breakfast/brunch we were greeted and seated immediately. I (Sandra) had high expectations on Operator25 and the first impression didn’t disappoint.

The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The interior has a cool warehouse feel to it without having this über-coolness you get in a lot of places nowadays. Mismatched brick walls, high ceilings and exposed pipes with a lovely warm feel to it.


The brunch/breakfast selection for Stina and me is usually quite easy, as she always gets something with mushrooms and I’ll always get something with smashed avocado.

Operator25 though, challenges you to break out of your comfort zone with their lack of a typical standard breakfast menu.

After a bit of consideration I went for the sweet corn fritters with fried duck egg, heirloom tomato salad, goats curd and basil on dill herb oil.
Stina went for the smashed avocado on toasted bagel with feta, poached eggs and Furikake.

Gosh was I pleased to have ordered it. It was probably the best breakfast I had in a while and I’m not saying this because it was also very instramable. The duck egg in combination with the corn fritters and the smooth goats curd was a combination I will remember for a long time.  The tomato salad brought a slight zestiness to it that couldn’t have worked better.
Or as to put in one word: YUM!




For our hot drinks…
Although their beans come from Code Black Coffee in Brunswick I wasn’t a big fan of the coffee. I definitely had better ones in Melbourne. Stina had a Soy Chai and wasn’t impressed either of it. (I believe they use a chai syrup to make the chai rather than real spices, but I could be wrong).

The food was so delicious though I can overlook the fact that the coffee was more on the average side.


All over all, I could definitely get used to brunch at Operator25.
So if you haven’t been there so far, give them a try!

More information:

25 Wills Street,
Melbourne CBD
Phone: 03 9670 3278
Website | Facebook

Mon – Fri: 7am – 4pm Sat – Sun: 9am – 4pm



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