Oli & Levi – A splash of colour at the end of a laneway



It was one of those beautiful early mornings in Melbourne when I met up with a friend to explore some hidden cafes in the CBD.
Our plan was to walk up and down the streets and laneways and using Foursquare as our private cafe guide. And let me tell you, we had a lot of coffee during that morning as you can probably imagine.

One little treasure, at the end of Coromandel Place off Little Collins, though really stood out – Oli & Levi. If it weren’t for its bright yellow awnings we would have almost missed it.


Without even asking for a menu we instantly decided to get some of the sweet or savoury tarts for only $1.50 and some Allpress coffee. And boy, what a great choice we’ve made! Both the coffee and the tarts were so good that we would’ve loved to order some more if we wouldn’t have been on a secret cafe tour.

  Oli and levi 2

The black painted floor, exposed cabling and wood-paneled walls are giving the place an industrial yet cosy feel to it. If you happen to be around that area I definitely recommend you make sure to plan in some time to enjoy the delicious food and coffee at Oli & Levi (as well as to check out the cute guys working there :)).


Hours: Mo – Fr: 7:30am – 4:00pm and Sa – So: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Address: 20 Coromandel Place, Melbourne, 3000


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