New Month and New Trucks at Trailer Park at Village Melbourne


It’s a new month and with that – new food trucks! You probably know that we already visited Trailer Park at Village Melbourne last month, but we couldn’t suppress our need to go back for another food truck fix. Also – we knew there would be new food trucks there and we just had to give it a go.


A couple of hours before heading over the weather had been absolutely perfect – blue skies and not too cold. Well, it changed. We wouldn’t let that stop us though and headed over there. After all, there is a large tented area with heating in it. We knew we’d be good anyway.

Safe to say, we weren’t the only ones who had this brilliant idea. Although Village Melbourne wasn’t packed (I blame the rain that hung in the air and occasionally started falling) but it was a lot more than at our last visit. And plenty, surprisingly very well behaved and quiet, kids around.

1309-TrailerPark-1 1309-TrailerPark-2 1309-TrailerPark-3

We were greeted by a bunch of new food trucks. There’s a souvlaki cart, a German gourmet sausages truck, the mandatory taco truck and a thai truck. Oh, did I forget to mention there’s a crêpes truck as well? Plenty to choose from and plenty different flavours to suit any palette.

1309-TrailerPark-4 1309-TrailerPark-5

Our plan? Sample. We figured between the two of us we could fit in food from three trucks; souvlaki, taco and crêpes. Would the food match the one we had on our last visit? If you remember, I was quite excited about the tacos and even more excited about the Crème Brûlée. Well it did. The taco was great and the chocolate strawberry crêpe as amazing as you could imagine. But the dish that really captured my heart was the halloumi souvlaki from (yes, you guessed it, kind of obvious isn’t it?) the souvlaki cart. My oh my! I’m thinking about heading back tomorrow just to get another halloumi fix. The soft bread and the firm, yet non squeaky, and amazingly tasty cheese. Seriously, it really is that good.

1309-TrailerPark-6 1309-TrailerPark-8 1309-TrailerPark-9

But the food wasn’t actually the main reason we went back. It was for this – the Lagerita. Having spotted a picture of this quirky looking drink somewhere in social media I found it intensely interesting. I mean a mix between margarita and a beer can’t be anything less than amazing, can it? My opinion: good, but not mind-blowing. No question about it, I would definitely order one again. Partly for the taste and partly for the novelty of having an upside down beer bottle in my drink. That cocktail’s got some serious flair, just like Trailer Park.


Trailer Park
Trailer Park is on at Village Melbourne throughout September.
Located inside Village Melbourne, 557 St Kilda Road (Entrance from Moubray Street)

Opening Hours
Saturday & Sunday 12 pm – 8 pm

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