Tall Timber – the new cosy little café in Prahran


Tall Timber is a new café in Prahran, nestled between busy Commercial Road and residential Perth Street. It opened recently, June this year, but has quickly become the place to be in Prahran. At least when you see how packed it often is. I mean it must be, as it’s attracting people like honey attracts bees.

The front of the café is all windows, letting in a massive amount of sunshine. Being in the middle of winter that makes me happy – I’ll take all the vitamin D I can get.


When you open the door and step into the caff you’re greeted by a open, yet homely feeling. It’s a toned down setting but without feeling strict or minimalistic. The open shelving on the wall makes it instead feel rugged and homely. And yes, I’m a bit obsessed with the interior, but I love that stuff. Plus, it’s warm in there. And it was cold outside.


The Thonet Bentwood chairs (hipster name dropping!) with their dipped feet feels both modern and classic and the window seating is both beautiful and lovely. I do have a romantic idea of the notion of sitting in windows.

During the weekends it’s almost always full so be prepared to wait for a table. The waiters are friendly (albeit a bit over eager at times) and many (I counted at least 5 last time).


Food’s fast and looks amazing. Well you have seen the picture, so I’m sure you can see that for yourself. I have a big thing for beetroots so I almost started worshipping it. Unfortunately it wasn’t my food. The taste then? Good, but not amazing. I had expected a bit more. On the other hand – it was more than decent, the coffee good and the place is darn pretty. I can’t wait for a sunnier day to sit at their roadside tables or in the cosy backyard, soak in some sun and try some more on the menu. Those muffins did look amazing.

60 Commercial Road
Prahran, VIC 3181

0438 080 466



Opening hours

Mon – Fri 7am – 4.30 pm
Sat – Sun 7.30 am – 4-30 pm
Note that the kitchen takes their last orders at 3pm

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