Naked in the Sky


The combination of bar and rooftop is simply ingenious, don’t you think? Whenever I’m scouting for a new bar I’m always drawn to the rooftop ones. This is why when I popped in to Naked for Satan with a friend for a Friday afternoon drink and the bartender asked “Are you going to the rooftop bar?” I felt like I won the lottery. I mean, I have been to Naked for Satan before but for some reason I have completely missed their rooftop bar – Naked in the Sky. On and up!

Once you step out of the elevator you are met by this enormous bar counter. Seriously, it’s 15 meters long. And come on – who doesn’t like a massive bar counter? If you’re looking for a drink there’s plenty of things to choose from. They have more than a dozen beers on tap and infused vodkas and other fancy stuff. I went for a Sauv Blanc, I’m a bit boring like that.

Ok, let’s move on. Because what’s really interesting about Naked in the Sky (and every rooftop bar for that matter) isn’t the bar counter – it’s the rooftop!



At Naked in the Sky they have ample space. Their rooftop terrace wraps around three sides of the building. The space itself is huge, really pretty and space enough to fit loads of people. The toned down colours of the building itself is popped up with splashes of colours from the chairs and the bulb string lights.

Despite my love for rooftop bars, I am incredibly scared of heights. I know, it’s not a great combo. The glass walls on the sides that are there for safety allow uninterrupted views but still feel very solid. I like solid, at least when it comes to heights.


And I know, I haven’t even mentioned the view yet. Well what can I say – it’s great. A lot of rooftop bars have some views, slightly interrupted views or only views in one direction. If you are a sucker for feeling a bit like a giant looking at a city from above, Naked in the Sky will be right up your alley. There’s nothing in the way of your view and you can just pick the direction you like more. This is what we picked: the CBD. It looks so small from here!


There’s also a restaurant that serves Spanish inspired food. But I’ll leave that for next time.

On our visit the service was swift and nice, the drinks chilled and good, but that’s not what will make the most impression on me. As as self-confessed rooftop junkie, this one easily makes the top 3, just because of the terrace and the view. And that’s all I have to say.


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