Munching mexican at Mamasita



I love mexican food. That’s my go-to comfort food, whenever I need something warm, cheesy that’ll pick me up and make me feel all fuzzy and warm. It always does the trick. I’m not always picky with my mexican; even a half-assed assembled taco is delicious (seriously? It’s like magic!) but since going to Mamasita I’ve realised there’s a difference between mexican and good mexican. But first, let’s set the scene for you.


Don’t go here when you’re already hangry (hungry + angry). Make sure you head on over a wee bit earlier, because Mamasita doesn’t take any table bookings. You simply show up, stand in line and wait for your turn. Don’t get too worried though, the wait is normally not that long and I promise, it will be well worth it in the end. Just make sure you don’t have your highest, most uncomfortable heels on and nice company. But hey – that’s two rules you should always live by: wear (fairly) comfortable shoes and only surround yourself with lovely peeps.

But I’m digressing. Back to Mamasita! Often you’ll get to hang out at the bar for a wee bit before getting a table. Treat yourself and order some fancy tequila or my standard: one bloody delicious margarita. It’s potent without being overbearing with a crisp tang and lovely texture. Oh, just drink it and you’ll see.



The place is dimly lit, low-key and bustling with talk – as it’s almost always full. The lighting and the interior makes it feel intimate even though it’s a fairly big and open place, and the staff is sweet and makes you feel welcome and looked after.


What about the food then? I know that’s what y’all are here for. Mamasita’s food gets two thumbs up from me. The best part of the meal is always the first: Elote callejero, which is a “street style” char grilled corn with cheese, chipotle mayo and lime. I have seriously contemplated going here and order this and only this dish. You simply can’t get enough.



Don’t get me wrong – the rest of the food is amazing, but the corn is out of this world. We usually end up with the tostaditas, which are deep-fried tortilla chips with mouth sized toppings – essentially the hors d’oeuvres of the mexican kitchen, and a cheesylicious quesadilla. I’m not even going to bother going into details. It’s good, okay?


Should you want something extra after the food, we can recommend ordering the flan. A nutty smooth dessert, slightly resembling a creme caramel in texture (but without any gelatine! The vego in me is very very happy) that’s the perfect way to round-up a cheesy, spicy, hearty meal.


1/11 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9650 3821

Opening Hours
Monday – Thursday / 11.30am – midnight
Friday / 11.30am – 2am
Saturday / 12.30pm – 2am
Sunday / 12.30pm – 10pm

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