Merry Christmas Everyone!


With 10 hours time difference and Stina and me both being on the other side of the world (Stina in Sweden and myself in Germany), we couldn’t be further away from what we both call home – Melbourne.

Unlike Australia, where the 24.12. is Christmas Eve, we Europeans are already almost done with celebrating Christmas, as yesterday was the main day of Christmas celebration for us.

I’m just about to get ready to meet up with friends over brunch and bubbly in the city this morning, followed by an afternoon of cooking sessions with my mother before our entire family gathers together to celebrate with a big feast.

Sandra (Klaus) at the Christmas market, wrapped in layers of warm knit wear and warming her hands on a mug of mulled wine.

Whereas the temperature in Germany is yet not cold enough for snow, (despite the fact that it is already friggin cold) I know that Stina will have a white Christmas.

While Sandra (and possibly the rest of the world) thinks that a Christmas in Sweden simply has to be snowy, it couldn’t be more wrong. At least if you are, like me, from Stockholm. It’s dark and all, but no snow as far as the eye can see.

I haven’t been here very long, but have so far managed to squeeze in a bit of gingerbread baking and putting up the stuff in the tree.


Now I have no more time to do this, I have to get back to celebrating with my family and eating. Because in the end, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

In the spirit of Christmas we’re taking a few days off here on Klaus and Fritz. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas with your family, friends and loved ones.

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