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I am going to start this article the same way I did when I wrote about fashion week a year ago: The only way I normally know fashion is by being fashionably late. That doesn’t mean I don’t like fashion – quite the opposite. I have always found fashion interesting and although I’d never call myself a fashionista (although, to be honest, who calls themselves that?). But I am digressing. What this article is all about is that in just 4 short sleeps, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014 is starting!

But today we’re not going through all of Fashion Week for you, oh no. We’re cherry picking the best events for all you all out there on a budget (I hear you, I’m one of them!), because just because you’re trying to save some cash (good for you!) doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Especially not since MSFW14 offers a whole lot of good events – for free!

MSFW: Opening Night

Friday 29 Aug, 5pm – 10pm
Across the CBD

The Fashion week starts with one heck of an opening night. It’s a one-night-only shopping event, where the retailers of central Melbourne keep their lights on and doors open late, along with fresh stocks of the spring collections, pop-up runways and a whole bunch of exclusive retail offers!

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Emerging Designer Market

Sunday 31 Aug, 10am – 5pm & Sunday 7 Sep, 10am – 5pm
MSFW: Hub, City Square 44-86 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria 3000

Check out the garments, jewellery and accessories from a whole lot of different up-and-coming designers. If you’ve got some money leftover, splurge and get something amazing, or just walk around and get inspired!

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Spring Style Runway

Friday 5 Sep, 12.30pm – 1pm & 1.30pm – 2pm
MSFW: Hub, City Square 44-86 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria 3000

No fashion week is complete without a runway show. Head on over to the MSFW Hub to catch some fresh spring styles.

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Gossling & Mell Hall

Saturday 30 Aug, 5pm – late
MSFW: Hub, City Square 44-86 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria 3000

At nights the MSFW Hub is home to more than fashion. During the nights there will be a variety of DJ sets and live shows, covering a multitude of music genres, from pop and folk to soul and RnB. On Saturday Gossling performs. If you haven’t heard her, you should. You Triple J listeners out there surely have heard her, as her single ‘Wild Love’ was the 13th most played song on the station in 2012. Afterwards the music selection will be curated by DJ Mell Hall, her genre being Deep Disco. I mean, how can you not be excited about that?

If these aren’t your preferred tunes, check out the MSFW program, as there are a whole bunch of other gigs happening!

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Let’s get it on – Yoga

Wednesday 3 Sep, 6.30am – 7.15am
MSFW: Hub, City Square 44-86 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria 3000

Ha, I bet you didn’t expect a yoga event in the middle of this did you? We sure didn’t! On next Wednesday morning, head on over to the hub, bring along a mat, water, stretchy pants and a friend for a short vinyasa yoga practice set to soul tunes. Such a great start to the day!

short vinyasa yoga practice to “soul” tunes, easing you into your day in style.

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Ethics and Faith in the Supply Chain

Tuesday 2 Sep, 6.30pm – 7.30pm
Holmesglen Institute, Level 4 – Holmesglen City Campus 332 St Kilda Road Melbourne Vic 3006

You might want to break up all that shopping and fashion forward thinking with something a bit less pretty. During this one hour session Dr Sue Thomas will discuss the topic of sustainability and fashion, and more specifically if this could happen with spirituality-based ethics.

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Wednesday 3 Sep, 7pm – 9pm & Thursday 4 Sep, 7pm – pm
Eimai, 176 Elgin Street Carlton Vic 3053

Eimai and Vivee Designs invites a few select people (click through and contact to secure a spot!) for two in-store cocktail and design workshop events. They will transform the store to showcase the Eimai range, and guests will have the opportunity to not only meet the designer, but gain further insight on the design process by getting to create their own individual design on one of their beautiful bestselling pieces (the gorgeous skirts usually retail for more than $200 but will be made available for guests to apply their own design to in exchange for a small donation to a local charity).

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Spring Pop up Market – Round She Goes

Saturday 30 Aug – Sunday 31 Aug, 9am – 5pm
Monday 1 Sep – Friday 5 Sep, 8am – 5pm
Saturday 6 Sep 9am – 5pm

Drill Hall, 26 Therry Street Melbourne Vic 3000

Geez, we really love markets, don’t we? Even if it’s just walking around, taking in the ambience and just looking at stuff. Round She Goes is a really popular market for preloved fashion items. The stalls change every day giving you the reason and opportunity to come back and go through loads of vintage clothing and jewellery.

In addition there will be other happenings on site, such as coffee happy hours and DIY workshops from some of Melbourne’s best craft and fashion bloggers. That’s a whole lot to get excited about!

More information on MSFW
More information about Round She Goes

Liberty of the Press

Thursday 4 Sep, 6pm – 7pm & 7pm – 8.15pm
State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston Street Melbourne Vic 3000

This is not your typical event, but an art-fashion-theatre one. Yep! They describe it as a contemporary catwalk meets a 19th-century salon. If that doesn’t make you interested we don’t know what will. Performer-models from different generations take on the catwalk in unexpected ways, referencing the lesser known history of women and of Chinese immigration during the gold rush. The event is followed by a salon-style talk.

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Waste Not, Want Not – Zero Waste Project

Saturday 30 Aug – Sunday 7 Sep, 9am – 4pm
Centre for Adult Education, 253 Flinders Lane Melbourne Vic 3000

Students from the Box Hill Institute Advanced Diploma of Fashion exhibit pieces created using a ‘Zero waste’ philosophy as part of their sustainable fashion project. Zero waste manufacturing focuses on eliminating waste in the production process to create items of clothing that generate little or no textile waste.

The project aims to help students understand the concept of minimising their environmental footprint through engaging in efficient production techniques. Wastefulness in production can add to landfill if the waste cannot be adequately reused or recycled. Engaging in sustainable design practice involves thinking outside the box, from concept to product, to use resources effectively and responsibly thereby reducing environmental impact.

Adhering to technical standards for development and production, students have created dresses using nearly 100% of the fabric provided for their project and have employed minimal construction techniques for the final products. They have designed and draped to make up the final garment. Students have also focused on achieving zero waste in the markers of the fabric for their designs to ensure minimal wastage in the cutting. The decorations used for the garments have been created using minimal scraps. This project helps to establish an attitude towards creative product development that is not only about ‘using less’ but also about ‘using all’.

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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week
30 August – 7 September 2014

For more information
Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Website
Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Blog

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