Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2013


The only way I normally know fashion is by being fashionably late. Despite this I have always found fashion incredibly intriguing, which is why my interest sparked when I started seeing stuff about Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) all around the city. Between August 31st and September 8th Melbourne will open its gates to what we can only assume will be a fantastic fashion flood. But MSFW it’s not just about fashion – there are activities for all kind of tastes. Whether you want plain fashion or something more out there, like Obi belt wrap skirts (I didn’t make this one up, I promise), pop-up stores or oil portraits, there’s something for everyone.


The main focus of MSFW will of course be Designers. I mean, what would a fashion week be without awesome designers and fashion runways? Well, not a fashion week, that much is clear. If you want to engage in proper fashion during the fashion week, head on over to Melbourne Town Hall on one of the four main runway shows ($30/$45, ticker required).

The MSFW Hub is located at City Square and will hold a myriad of activities during the week. Best part of it? They’re all for free! Head on over to engage in activities such as demonstrations, workshops and style bars. There will also be free daily runways at the Hub. If you get a bit thirsty there will be a cider bar available that’s open from mid afternoon to late every day of the week.

For all you men out there, head on over to the Hub on September 5th. That Thursday will be a fabulous, no frills (pun intended), fashion fun day called MSFW MR that’s all about men.


But enough of established designers already! Bring in the Emerging young guns. There are a multitude of different activities that allows you to see fashion student’s works as well. There are several runway shows ($30/$45, ticker required) in addition to a free exhibition showcasing a selection of emerging designer creations that is open throughout the week.

What I’m most excited about is the New Designer Market which will be held on Sunday September 8th between 10 am – 4 pm at the Hub. Browse among colourful creations by our city’s newest designers where you get the opportunity to shop samples, one-offs and completely new designs.


You always save the best for last, right? MSFW Curated is a handpicked selection of activities going on throughout the week that are a bit odd or off the beaten path. Would you for example be interested in a speed crafting party that’s also a combined speed craft dating event ($30)? It sounds completely ridiculous and absolutely amazing.

If crafting isn’t your thing there are a bunch of other things to choose from. What about splurging at the one day shopping festival at Melbourne Central on September 5th, or attend the Hatter’s High Tea Part ($60).

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week
31 August – 8 September 2013

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