Melbourne Now at National Gallery of Victoria


I didn’t actually know what I was going to when I went to Melbourne Now at NGV. A couple of friends of mine were going somewhere and I was excited about the possibility for some breakfast and hanging out, so I tagged along. After stuffing my face with a delicious halloumi sandwich at Ponyfish Island, we headed over to St Kilda Road and National Gallery of Victoria.


In past the waterfall and we headed straight into the exhibition. Melbourne Now is all about, well, Melbourne now. It’s, as they say, a celebration of the latest art, architecture, design, performances and cultural practices that together make up the incredibly creative landscape that is Melbourne.

It’s indeed an ambitious exhibition. It consists of more than 175 individual and group presentations, available at the two NGV locations. It’s also incredibly varied and intensely interesting. It’s hard to try to describe this show, because it’s too varied. Regardless if you like photos, a whole bunch of saying of cards spread out over a wall, a convex (or concave? can’t remember and am too lazy to google!) mirror or a ‘don’t worry’ all in jeans. It’s eclectic, interesting, inspiring and quirky – just like this city.



My favourite? The dance floor. I only wish they’d crank up the volume to allow for some proper dancing in there. Because in the end, how often do you get the opportunity to dance in a gallery? Not that many, at least not in my experience.

As you probably already figured out, there are lots to see. It feels like we only nibbled at just a wee bit of the exhibition and I’m already planning to go back. Have another breakfast and another go at it, and just focus on different things this time. Hey – maybe I’ll go back a third time. It’s the kind of exhibition that I’m quite certain I’ll find new things or get new perspective every single time.

Melbourne Now at NGV
22 Nov 2013 – 23 Mar 2014
at NGV, National Gallery of Victoria. 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

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