There is nothing I like more than a good plate of brisket accompanied by a good pale ale. Literally nothing. So when I heard that Canadian BBQ joint Meatmother was expanding its reach into a new location, I had to check it out.


Housed in the hidden deep underground space which used to contain steakhouse Little Hunter, Meatmaiden is decorated with a sort of butcher/high fashion style. Think Derelicte but with meat instead of garbage. It’s pretty cool, dotted with cabinets full of meats being dry aged, and peppers being pickled. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!


The menu should be familiar to any BBQphile, with trays of brisket and ribs taking prime position, along with the usual vegetable sides which one orders out of meat inspired guilt. There is a mushroom burger on the menu, so that herbivores don’t feel excluded. Unusually for a BBQ place, Meatmaiden also has a grill, allowing to offer flatiron steaks and other grilled delights. There is also a very respectable beer list accompanying all this, with offering such as the Hipster Pale Ale, which was actually quite good despite the jokey name.

MeatMaiden-10 MeatMaiden-Mushroom-Burger-Salad-Chicken-WingsMeatMaiden-Menu-Jerky

Of course, it’s no surprise that Meatmaiden provides an excellent feed. What surprised me though, was that it wasn’t the smoked meat which was the winner for me. Instead, my favourite offerings were the pomegranate salad and the flatiron steak. Each was amazing and when combined got even better.

So what’s the verdict? Meatmaiden is a cool place in a cool space with great plates of grilled thrills. Check it out.


Basement of 195 Little Collins Street, CBD
03 9078 7747
Website – FacebookInstagramTwitter

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Saturday / 12pm – late

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