Meat Mania at Carnivores Ball



Photo: Burger Mary

So, this is not your typical Klaus and Fritz post, I’ll give you that. Both me and Sandra are vegetarians, which means that we’re pretty much never going to feature a whole lot of meat simply because we can’t try those meaty places out. And we’d never want to recommend anything we can’t vouch for, you know?

But today I’m making an exception due to the excitement levels of several of my meat-eating friends. This event seems just too good not to feature, regardless that it’s all about meat. What it is? Alright, alright, I’ll get on with this post and share with you what it is:

Carnivores Ball. Just say that to yourself a few times now. Even I, a person who haven’t had any meat for the last 16 years (I know!) think it’s sounds kind of enticing. It’s two nights dedicated to the tastiness of, yeah you guessed it, anything meat.

First off, it’s a three course dinner (with some extra meaty snacks), where every single dish includes meat. There’ll also be live music and I have heard rumours about line dance. In true Melbourne style there’ll be a pop-up shop and some darn tasty beers from Little Creatures.

This is the second year the Carnivores Ball is held here in Melbourne, and it seems to be a big hit. Last years’ event sold out within a week. So if you’re planning to go – get your tickets fast!

Me? Well I won’t be heading there as I’m quite happy with my vegetarianism. I’m contemplating trying to reenact the whole thing, stuffing my face with mock meat and forcing people to dance line dance with me at Sweet Water Inn. It might not be the real deal, but it’ll have to make do.

Carnivores Ball
$70 per person
April 4 and 5 2014 at Ormond Hall

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