It rarely happens nowadays that someone wants to meet me at a café I actually have to google because I’ve never been to before and never heard of the place either. You can imagine my delight when it does happens and of course I’ll make time in my schedule to check it out.

MADAMIMADAM was such a place.

I was introduced to MADAMIMADAM by a friend (who’s also called Sandra) who just recently moved to Melbourne. It is still a bit of a miracle to me how she has found it but I’m not complaining and happily tagged along with her to test and try the coffee.


Located in the tiny laneway of Equitable Place, right in the heart of the CBD MADAMIMADAM is nestled in between a couple of other more or less famous restaurants and cafés and ideal for everyone working near the lower end of Elisabeth / Flinder / Collins Street and is after a quick but decent lunch break.


MADAMIMADAM collaborates with artists, designers, fashionista’s, activists, eccentrics, entrepreneurs and mother nature. And once you get inside the café you’ll know what this will look like. From the outside you don’t expect such a stunning interior that als makes you feel utterly comfy with industrial features combined with rustic elements such as old wooden tables, free hanging designer light bulbs and exposed shelfs full of nick nacks, bottles and bags of coffee beans.
Speaking of coffee: They roast their own beans, and prefer the less common dark roast to the ubiquitous light roast too often encountered nowadays.

Madam-4  Madam-6

Their most popular dish seems to be the Thai Calamari Salad. I saw quite a few people ordering it on the few occasions if been here so far. the ridiculous big lunch menu includes spinach quince with beetroot and feta salad, seafood pasta, and fish of the day.
Personally I’ve managed to much my way through their sweet treats such as a mini custard lemon tart, a Portuguese tart, muffins…. You’ll get the idea.

I’ve read some negative reviews about MADAMIMADAM but I personally can’t comment on this as I always had a positive experience so far even when the place was busy. So if you ask me, I recommend you’ll check it out and have a look yourself. I’m pretty certain you’ll love it as much as I do.

Oh and one tip I almost forgot: They make and serve their own almond milk. If you’ve always wondered how a chai with almond milk tastes like, you’ll know where to go now.

More information:

16 Equitable Place
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 9600 2506

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