Madame Brussels



The first time I went to Madame Brussels a friend brought me. When we headed through the entryway downstairs and walked towards the elevator, I was a bit confused. There is a sign, although very understated, and the stairs and elevator all looks a bit sad. Would anything at the top of this elevator ride really be all that rad?

Safe to say, my friend was right and my initial thoughts were turned upside down. Because from the minute I walked into Madame Brussels, I was in love.


Stepping into Madame Brussels is like stepping into a year-round garden party. The floor inside is lined by astroturf, and there’s even a paved walkway in the middle. The chairs are white and embellished and the waiters are dressed in garden partyesque tennis shorts. It’s a rooftop bar (although only on the 3rd floor) with a fun-loving and quirky soul to it.


A garden party isn’t complete without some summery punch, right? And this is possibly my favourite part of this place (even though I simply adore the vibes) – the jugs of delicious, fresh and fruity punches and cocktails. Regardless if you like the sweet stuff, or want something with more of a kick to it, you’ll find something in their extensive jug list. Should you all not wanna share a jug (which gives 4 cups of drinks), you can always get a regular sized cocktail yourself. Or if you’re in the mood for drinking – just order a full jug for yourself!


Should you get hungry order something from the snack menu. I’ve had the olives (delicious, super small and cute and so many) as well as the hummus and dips, all of which is delicious.

I know I sound almost high in this write-up, but seriously, I don’t think you can order anything in this place that simply won’t look and taste fabulous. It’s like you step through those doors and you end up in a nice version of Alice in Wonderland. No evil Queen of Hearts here!


This is the place I’ll head to for a casual afternoon-turned-evening drinks with a friend or two or more. I know the place will put as all in a happy, relaxed place, and we’ll leave a little bit tipsy, our stomachs full of tiny olives and our hearts a wee bit happier.


Madame Brussels
Level 3, 59-63 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD
(03) 9662 2775

Opening Hours
Every day 12 noon – 1am

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