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The last days have been a clear reminder that winter, with all its stormy, freezing and rainy weather, has finally arrived.
Not something you are looking forward to, don’t you!?

But winter does have its advantages. One of them is the annual Winter Night Market also known als Luna 1878.

Luna 1878 is a Winter Night Market embracing all things marvellous about winter in Melbourne! Located within the historic sheds of Queen Victoria Market, the winter night market event features some of Melbourne’s best independent performers, designers, artists, chefs, winemakers and foodies.

Held on Wednesday evenings throughout July and August, Luna 1878 will come alive in an intimate celebration of the night, transforming into a whimsical winter wonderland. Enjoy the sound of crackling fires and sizzling hot plates, serving up deliciously warming soul food inspired by exotic dishes and made by local hands, and savour traditional teas and winter drinks from all over the world.

To get into the spirit of Luna 1878 have a look at some photos we took at last year’s Winter Night Market:

fire-open-luna bread-soup-luna



1308-Luna1878-2  1308-Luna1878-3



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Each Wednesday from 9 July to 27 August, 5pm to 10pm.

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