Little Ramen Bar


This place first caught my eye as there was a long line in front of it during lunch time, when I went to a meeting in the CBD. I made a mental note to come back for lunch soon. And so I did. Once again a long-ish line but the wait was not too long (less than 10 min) as people are in and out.

The name of this restaurant has nothing to do with the size of the portions. The “standard” sizes are extremely generous but if you’re feeling ambitious enough or you’re just coming back from a 3 weeks survival camp in the outback, then you should order the “Godzilla” size and then spend the next 30 minutes attempting to defeat the monster before you.



The place is tiny. I am not exaggerating – maybe a handful of tables along each wall. That’s and the delicious food are causing the queues in front of the Little Ramen Bar.

I have been hunting all over for a great ramen in Melbourne for quite a while and have often been disappointed, but not this time. There is a large menu, sure it’s limited compared to some other ramen bars in the city, but they’ve chosen the best ones here.

While ramen may steal the show here, other dishes such as tender pork gyoza dumplings, kimchi and wok-fried rice will also be sure to please hungry crowds.


1312_LittleRamen-2   1312_LittleRamen-5

There is a fantastic range of food on offer. I found the service is very kind and nice, and the food came out quick and hot.
This is the perfect spot to enjoy a bowl of soup on a rainy day or just when you feel like it.

Our verdict: Little Ramen Bar is a sweet little spot with tasty, affordable food; lots of vegetarian options and very much worth trying if you’re in that part of the CBD.


Little Ramen Bar
5, 346 Little Bourke Street
(03) 9670 5558
Mon to Sat 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Mon to Sat 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

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