Less Than Zero + Tanked

Hot diggity, this is one good combo. South Yarra bar Less Than Zero has teamed up with the people behind Hammer & Tong for some cracking good food. The bar now is home to Tanked, which is their new south-of-the-river initiative. And expect to arrive hungry and leave satisfied and slightly tipsy.

The bar is located next to Prahran Market (actually on the same premises that used to house my old favourite NBHD Neanderthal) in a quaint location. Crammed little bar downstairs, surprisingly big and cosy courtyard out back and a big pool table upstairs. Get yourself a beer (can we suggest a local Dos Blockos, it’s good!), a wine or a cocktail, whatever you fancy. Although if you are a whisky lover you should definitely go for that because this bar is run by whisky aficionados.

When it comes to the food it’s all solid and good, but we can’t hype the Avocado Briont Toast enough, which comes with philly cheese, dukkah and coriander. Have you ever heard about briont before? We hadn’t either, but it’s basically a bread that’s halfway between a croissant and a brioche. Bloody delicious. We could eat this as every meal everyday and not get bored of it. We would get quite fat though, but we think it just might be worth it.

The avo isn’t all there is on the menu, which is also home to some meat. We didn’t taste it (sorry y’all, couldn’t get any meat eaters to come along) but our table neighbours verified the tastiness of it. And even my mouth watered when I checked the menu and saw stuff like smoked chicken or BBQ brisket.

And oh! Don’t miss the padron peppers. As usual with peppers there’s always a risk of one super spicy in the mix, but among these ones even the spicy ones were quite mild. And that’s a really good thing in my book. It also comes with Yarra Valley goats curd. I would never have thought of such a mix but boy was it good.

All in all we give this new combo two thumbs up, three if we’d have an extra thumb, but unfortunately we don’t. It’s the perfect place for a summer evening hangout with a bunch of friends, sharing some sliders and chewing on some peppers (keep the avo briont toast all to yourself!) while sipping on a beverage or two. With that said I’m going to go find some friends and maybe head on there now. Why not, it’s Friday after all!

Less Than Zero and Tanked
153 Commercial Road, South Yarra

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat / 5pm – 3am
Sun / 6pm – 1am
Food available Thu – Mon / 5pm – Late

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