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Is it not hot enough in Melbourne over summer? I might be the only one living here that simply loves the 40 degree days and in general wishes it was just a little bit warmer. Yeah, I know it’s weird, but this is apparently what happened to me after living in Africa for a year and a half. I got used to it. Which is why trips to Brisbane are fairly amazing. You get the weather, but you also get to enjoy a laid back city with delicious food, quirky bars and ferry rides.



Shady Palms Cafe & Bar

If you like good food in a cosy environment you’re in for a treat. And seriously, who doesn’t love that? This cute place offers some nice casual dining and some seriously delicious cocktails. Hang out in the front or get a seat in the back area – all equally nice. Order the fried green tomato sliders – they are by far the best vegetarian sliders I’ve ever had!

427 Logan Rd, Greenslopes QLD 4120
(07) 3324 2917
Opening Hours
Wed-Sun / 8am – Late

The Jetty Oxford

Fancy dining in the suburbs? Um, yes please! Hop on a ferry and make your way to the jetty for some exquisite food, crisp wine and a great view. As the name indicates, this place is set right next to the river. It’s slightly more upscale and pricey, but well worth the money. And if you’re not in the mood to head on out to the suburbs, there’s one right there in Southbank too.

1b Oxford Street, Bulimba QLD Australia 4171
(07) 3899 6113
Website – Facebook
Opening Hours
Wed-Sun / 7am – 10pm
Mon / 7am – 4pm


The Crosstown Eating House

I’m spoiled with food options in Melbourne and this place could easily compete with any regular foodie place in Melbourne. The interior is quirky and super cute, with a mishmash of things on the walls and what feels like little nooks and crannies all over. The staff is nice and fast, but you know what’s best of all? The food. Order something swell off the menu, chew, lean back and just enjoy.

23 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba QLD 4102
(07) 3162 3839
Website – Facebook – Twitter
Opening Hours
Sun-Mon / Closed
Tues / 6pm – 11pm (Kitchen 6pm – 9.30pm)
Wed-Sat / 12pm – 12am


O’lea Food & Bar

This restaurant wasn’t part of our plan that night. We were going to a place next door, but they were closed so, hungry as we were, we wandered to the place next door because they were simply open. Well you won’t hear me complaining about it. With a waitress that made us laugh, and a pint Holgate each we sat down outside. Being situated just next to a fairly busy road, you’d think the outdoor seating wouldn’t feel that nice, but hey – you’re wrong. Eat there too – the food is delicious!

Shop 2 / 888 Stanley St, East Brisbane, QLD 4169
(07) 3393 2227
Website – Facebook
Opening Hours
Mon / 4pm – Late
Wednesday / Closed
Thu-Fri / 4pm – Late
Sat-Sun / 3pm – Late




Never have I seen such impressive ceiling height. Located in what must be an old warehouse, this is one cool looking place. Filled with eclectic details and comfy sofas, order a beer, lean back and relax. You might have to yell a bit to have a conversation, but hey, that’s part of the charm.

Constance St (Ann St end), Fortitude Valley, 4006 QLD
(07) 3252 9833
Website – Facebook – Twitter
Opening Hours
Wed-Sat / 4pm – Late
Sun / 1pm – Late


Alfred & Constance

This place looks like a mix of an adult play castle and a pretty Queensland tree house with deck and all. Alfred & Constance nestles on the street corner of, you guessed it, Alfred Street and Constance Street. As the look of the place indicates, as well as the sign above, this place is more than just a bar. It’s actually 4 different types of establishments under one roof.

First out there’s the Vanguard Beer Garden & Restaurant, where you can get booze, beer and some nibbles to eat. Secondly you have a tiki bar called White Lightning which will cater to all your tropical drink needs. Thirdly there’s Alfred’s café which is the place to head to for some mid day work bites or treats. Finally there’s the Late-Night Dessert Café which also has alcoholic juice and boozy smoothy stations. Yum! It’s pretty much a one stop shop for whatever you are looking for. Want to squeeze into a bar with a festive pulse? Done! Want a quiet corner to chat? Done! Hungry? Well no problem!

There’s also a pizza place around the corner on Alfred Street that looks absolutely fabulous. That’s on my todo list for my next Brisbane trip.


Corner Alfred and Constance Streets, Fortitude Valley
(07) 3251 6500
Website – Facebook – Twitter
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri / 7am – Late
Sat-Sun / 8am – Late

Don’t miss!


Boat commuting

One of my favourite parts of Brisbane is the fact that you can commute with a boat. Sure, it’s probably not the fastest at times, but who cares? It’s on a boat. Get yourself a Go card and hop on and hop of throughout the city.


Story Bridge

This is one seriously pretty bridge. If you’re in Brisbane you’re sure to see it but the joy is driving through it. Stop a second, enjoy the view of it and snap a picture. If you’re a more adventurous spirit, there are Story Bridge climbs you can sign up for.

Around Brisbane

Brisbane itself doesn’t really offer any beach experience. Except the little fake beach in Southbank, you’ll have to venture outside of Brisbane for a dip in the ocean. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go that far.

Gold Coast

I don’t even have to mention Gold Coast, do I? About a 40 minute drive from Brisbane it’s easy to get to and it’s all beach beach beach. And, you know, all the other stuff that’s part of the Miami of Queensland. If Gold Coast was an outfit it would be brightly coloured, somewhat in plastic and kind of unflattering. But turn your back against the buildings and just head to that beautiful beach. If it’s too crowded, drive a few miles south for an equally beautiful beach, only with a little fewer people. Oh, and if you need a place to stay here, QT Hotel Gold Coast is the place.



Noosa is a quaint little seaside village. It has an equally nice beach to Gold Coast (albeit smaller) but the ambience of the place is much less busy. The drive is a bit longer (around 2 hours one way) but in my opinion – totally worth it. When you’re fed up of the beach, wander the little high street with shops, or drive to the highest peak in Noosa and enjoy the view. Should you get hungry, make your way to Is Tapas Bar (249 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville) for some incredibly delicious food and a pitcher of sangria. You simply must order the halloumi, it is divine.

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