K&F’s Weekly Mix Tape – The Memories of Melbourne – Edition


We all have certain songs that remind us of special times in our life.

Today I’m taking you on a trip down memory lane – or more accurately on a trip down my personal memory lane. The time when I first moved to Melbourne.

The following songs are strongly connected to the time when I explored our beloved city and discovered something new about Melbourne everyday. (And no, the lyrics to the songs are not connected to the memories and have no meaning to me.) Enjoy:

Maroon 5  – “Harder to breath”

Memories: Driving in a Saab convertible through Melbourne during night. It was cold. The Yarra looked stunning at night. Good times, despite the constant rain back then.
I lived in an apartment on Barkley Street which was very pretty but it got never warm and cosy inside. I’m still freezing only thinking about it.


Eskimo Joe – “Black Fingernails, Red Wine”

Memories: I already knew my way around the city. I had made some friends and it was the year of the Live Earth festival in Sydney where Eskimo Joe was one of the top acts. I still have a very crappy YouTube video of that concert (and no, I’m not going to show it!).

When I moved back to Germany in 2009, Eskimo Joe was the first concert I went to in Hamburg. Great show with a max of about 150 people. Yes they are that famous overseas!


Toni Basil “Hey Mickey”
Memories: There was this 80s cover band who used to play every Friday night at this club I went to with my friends for happy hour.
My three best friends and me danced all night and I remember you were still allowed to smoke inside the venue.
Everyone sang and danced to this song but me. Apparently it was a huge hit here in the 80s but no one in Germany has ever heard of it. Whenever I hear that song now I immediately thrown back to 2004, dancing like crazy in a shabby club at the Crown.


Evermore – “It’s too late”

Memories: I lived in Fitzroy Street in St Kilda. I’ve trained for my first Half Marathon. I couldn’t find a proper job and decided to start my own business. The carpet in one of the bedrooms was very fluffy. My neighbour upstairs was called Phil and I’ve tried to beat his early morning techno sessions with this song on full volume.



Memories: I’ve just moved back from Hamburg/Germany to Melbourne beginning of this year. I felt like everything had changed here and I had to get to know my way around here again. I made new friends. It was summer. I got used again to drink beer, because i thought everything else was way too expensive. If I wasn’t at Ikea (to get furniture) I was at the beach all the time.

Ok, now I’m curious about the songs that take you back in time. C’mon, don’t be shy, spill the beans.


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