K&F’s Weekly Mix Tape – Sandra’s weird taste in music edition



So this week it’s my – Sandra’s – turn to create the weekly mix tape.

I’ve tried to come up with a theme for the weekly mix tape. I really did but…

Well, let’s just say if I’d followed my original plan then we all would have listened to some Minimal Electro Dub right now. As this kind of music only appeals to a very niche group of people I saved you from retro electro beats today. Aren’t I a good girl!?

Saying that, I just thought you might want to get to know me a bit better and so I went for my personal all time favorites, non electro, according to Spotify. And yes I am a bit nervous to share that with you since I think music is something very personal but well, Stina made me do it! If you don’t like it, blame her not me! Hahaha!

Enjoy my weird taste in music

Beirut – Santa Fe

The Dø – Too insistent

AKA AKA – Tigerente mit Reis

Ok, there is one minimal electro song. But you surely don’t mind it, do you! I’ll promise, it’s the last one.

Stromae – ave cesaria

Eddie Vedder – No Ceiling

War Again – Balkan Beat Box


And for all the Spotify lovers out there:

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