K&F’s First Weekly Mix Tape


There wasn’t supposed to be a theme to this but when looking at the list in retrospect there seems to a bit of a theme going on. Men with a bit of a hipster complex. Does that mean I’m a man with a hipster complex? Well I’m not. And next time I will have to cram some electro chicks in there. You can’t have enough of them. But that’s for another day. Today – just throw yourself straight into the music!

Listen to K&F’s First Weekly Mix Tape on Spotify

Pikelet – Combo

New single from Pikelet’s third album Calluses

The National – Sea of Love

Probably the best music to work to that’s out there. And I’m more than a wee bit excited about their show in Melbourne in February.

New Navy – Zimbabwe

Snakadaktal – If

Glasvegas – If

The Scots (and one Swede! Biased? Me? Never!) are back with a new album. If you’re impatient jump to 40 seconds into the clip when the music starts.

San Cisco – Fred Astaire

I know, this isn’t new and it’s probably something you heard before. I don’t care. I wanted to end this on a positive note and this song totally makes me want to get my ass off the couch and do some crazy dancing right here in the living room!

If you have any tips on good music we should share, write a comment or drop us an email.

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