K&F picks from Melbourne Writers Festival 2013


Melbourne Writers Festival is soon upon us again. Klaus & Fritz have picked our top events every day of the festival.

The Moth Mainstage

Thursday 22nd August / 9.30 pm / Melbourne Town Hall / 90 min / $30 – $40 / Read more 

Learn from the masters of storytellers. In a live theatrical production Magda Szubaranski and Ophira Eisenberg shares stories based on the theme of Guts: Stories of Moxie and Might.

Walk: Street Art

Friday 23rd August / 10.30 am / MWF Box Office, Fed Square / 120 min / $30 – $40 / Read more

Join local artist Michael Fikaris on a tour of hidden underground art gems around Melbourne.

Rookie Day

Saturday 24th August / 1.00 pm / Queen’s Hall, State Library of Victoria / 180 min / Sold out :( / Read more

This is where I got all excited. Do you know Tavi Gevinson? If you don’t, go out for a minute and Google away. It’s simply too much to summarize here. In essense: she’s a wunderkind. She has a keynote talk on the 23rd, and on Saturday the 24th she teams up with seven girls to get you inspired to get going with what you’re passionate about. Unfortunately only those under 20 are invited…


Sunday 25th August / 4.00 pm / ACMI The Cube/ 60 min / Free / Read more

Six bright young thinkers and writers from Victoria get six minutes each to present the one big idea that is most important to them.

Word on the Square

Monday 26th August / 10.00 am / Fed Square/ 300 min / Free / Read more

Wordsmith or wordsloth, which one are you? Do you have something to say, or just feel like a spot of wordplay? Castlemaine based duo Words on the Run bring Word on the Square, an installation of 100 giant-sized wooden letters, to Melbourne Writers Festival 2013

Big Ideas: Tradition Versus Development

Tuesday 27th August / 6.30 pm / Deakin Edge, Fed Square/ 60 min / Free – Booking Required / Read more

Is it possible for communities to make use of the advantages of development without giving up their cultural identity? A discussion between educators, activists, economists and others try to find the answer.

Festival Hub Pop-Up Event: The Lifted Brow

Wednesday 28th August / 7.00 pm / Festival Hub: Beer DeLuxe/ — min / Free / Read more 

The Lifted Brow crew are not looking to make life easy for them. They’re attempting to make a magazine from scratch on-site at the MWF in 10 days. Did I mention that it’s paid by crowdfunding?

To show off how relaxed they are about their task they’re throwing a mid-production party and you are invited. Check up how they’re doing, dance your ass off to DJs and maybe even give up some beer money to support their work.

Keynote: Feminism, Misogyny, Power

Thursday 29th August / 6.30 pm / Deakin Edge, Fed Square/ 100 min / $30 – $40 / Read more

Feminism has been around for quite some time now and seems to have reached at least some sort of consensus. So why is it still unresolved? Join Anne Summers as she points the finger at the misogyny factor and argues for inclusion, equality and respect. Or R.E.S.P.E.C.T. as Aretha Franklin so well put.

New News: Is New Media Making Us Stupid?

Friday 30th August / 10.00 am / ACMI The Cube/ 60 min / Free / Read more

As a regular social media user I’m fast at scrolling if something isn’t fast enough. Just the other week I realised I get annoyed if YouTube videos are more than 30 seconds long (what’s wrong with me?). This session will discuss just that. Are we heading for a new enlightenment or a dark age?

Illustrator in Residence

Saturday 31st August / 12.00 pm / The Atrium, Fed Square/ 180 min / Free / Read more

Every day some of the greatest illustrators will work live in the Atrium. The illustrator of the day is Ben Hutchings.


Sunday 1st September / 4.00 pm / ACMI Cinema 1 / 60 min / $19.50 – $21.50 / Read more

Is pop way too obsessed with it’s own past and risk getting lost in a mishmash of nostalgia? Music historian Simon Reynolds explores that question and whether the music can get its mojo working.

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