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If you haven’t yet heard about Jimmy Grants, you must have not been in Melbourne for that long. If anything, Jimmy Grants is a Melbourne institution. That’s not just because they’ve been around for quite some time, oh no, this is a reputation that has been earned.

A stones throw west of Smith Street (yes, literally a stones throw, you don’t even have to be a particularly good thrower to manage this one), inside an old brick building, you’ll find some of the best souvlaki you’ll come across in Melbourne. Not to mention the chips, but I’m getting ahead of myself.


Walk through the sliding glass door (where you’ll have to touch Jimmy to open it. Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite) into a restaurant that’s sure to be crammed with people. You might have to wait a little bit for a table, but don’t worry, normally it’s not too long, and it’s absolutely worth the wait. Hey, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t post about it.


Have a seat, get squashed, and start ogling the menu. If you are, like me, a vegetarian, I suggest you get yourself a Homer, which is falafel, delicious greek yoghurt and hellenic slaw, wrapped in a fluffy soft pita bread. (Oh damn, now I’m starting to crave one again!) For all y’all meat eaters we hear the Bonegilla is a real hit, stuffed with chicken and lamb, mustard aioli, chips (!!), onion and parsley, wrapped in equally fluffy pita bread.  Jimmy-Grants-3 Jimmy-Grants-6

Despite the souvas being amazingly good, the one thing I absolutely love is the chips. Since my first taste of these chips early this year, I’ve been talking to everyone about them, all the time. I think I have averaged recommending them to people about once a week. Sure, I love chips in general (who doesn’t, right?) but these ones are a step above the regular. Made in garlic oil, and served with crumbled feta and oregano, they’re nothing less than heavenly.


While the original Jimmy Grants location is in Fitzroy, they have spread further, and you can now devour their delicious fare at Rue & Co as well in Emporium. So head on over to your closest location for a glorious piece of greek food right now. Off you go! You can thank us later.

Jimmy Grants
113 St David Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

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