It’s time for another Melbourne White Night!

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Photo: Lani Renee Kingston

Have you heard about White Night? This fabulous event started in France and was called Nuit Blanche. It literally means White Night, but it also means and all-nighter. ‘Cause that’s what it is – an all night festival between 7pm to 7am for all kinds of culture – music, arts, design, fashion and plenty more.

It’s the second year this event is hosted in Melbourne. Last year was intense. I headed into town with a couple of friends to get caught up in the whirlwind that was Melbourne CBD. We saw 80’s looking laser shows, fabulously weird art installations, learnt Bollywood moves and listened to some pretty great music. And that’s just a wee bit of what we managed to cram into our 5 hour visit. Only thing that was a let down that night was my choice of shoes which left me with blisters and hurting feet. But hey – I’ve learnt my lesson, and this year I vow to wear comfortable, albeit not as pretty, shoes.

Sure, it’s a month away (exactly, it’s on February 22nd) but it is high time to start planning. On the day of the event you’re going to be too busy trying to make your way through the crowds and see quirky + fun + amazing things. Sure, if that’s your thing, you should definitely do that. If you’re more like me and think there’s some absolute gems in there that you just have to see, it’s better to do a bit of planning in advance. This year the organisers have made it just a little bit easier for all of us planning nuts out there, and made it possible for us to go through the program online, favourite events and then share our plan with friends and family. Yay for that!

There’s way too many things going on so I won’t even bother to repeat stuff that’s already on the website. Just head on over to the site already, you really need to check this out yourself! Promise.

White Night Melbourne
22 February 2014 7pm-7pm
CBD, Southbank, Birrarung Marr + some other outer locations


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