How to prepare for Melbourne Cup – The Race That Stops a Nation



With the races already in full swing, the big day is yet to come. You know what I’m talking about:  Melbourne Cup.

The “Race that stops a nation” is one of Melbourne’s (and Australia’s) most important sports events of the year. So important that they made it actually a public holiday in Victoria!

Ladies dress up and gentlemen follow suit.

You might even get the impression ‘Fashions On The Field’ is the major focus of the day, and not the races itself. The requirement for elegant hats, and more recently the alternative of a fascinator, almost single-handedly keeps Melbourne’s milliners in business. Race day fashion has occasionally drawn
almost as much attention as the race itself.

How to prepare for Melbourne Cup Day:


If you hadn’t had the chance to attend one of the most recent events like Caulfield Cup or Derby Day, Melbourne Cup is your chance to glam and shine on the field. So first and foremost, you need to get your hands on some tickets.

Picnic blanket and some nibbles:

I personally am a big fan of the General Admission tickets as they allow me and my friends to sit on a large picnic blanket, nibble on some strawberries, while we sip a glass of bubbly or two. Very classy and definitely nothing you’ll ever find in Germany (where I come from).


Cup Day is at its best when we can enjoy it on a sunny day but remember to pack some sunscreen. Especially with General Admission Tickets being in the full sun all day.


Don’t forget to get your hands on the daily newspaper to check which of the horses could make you a million.


It almost feels a bit like taking part in an old movie with all the men dressed in suits and hats and the ladies in full glam with their fancy dresses, hats or fascinators. I don’t know about you, but I personally am a bit late this year with planning my outfit for the big day. And in all honesty, I’m a bit lost with inspiration as the weather recently wasn’t particularly inviting to dream about the perfect “Cup Day Dress.”

You might also want to wear a light jacket or a pashmina, depending on the weather.

Fashion Inspiration:

If you are like me and you are still a bit lost about what to wear on the big day, then you might enjoy some inspiration about what some women wore to the previous racing events this year.









A big thank you to Souri from Fabulous Femme for providing us with the footage and helping us, finding some Melbourne Cup Day inspiration.


Find more information about Melbourne Cup and Cup Day tickets on the official website.

Photo credit: Fabulous Femme

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