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Everyone who’s new to Melbourne or comes to visit the best city in the world, knows about Hosier Lane, one of Melbourne’s most iconic lane ways when it comes to street art.

Despite the very active street art culture Melbourne has, I’ve always thought we are missing one vital element as a recognised street art city, more giant murals in the city itself. But now I think we are on a good way to get just that.

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Melbourne-based artist ‘Adnate‘ floated high over Australia’s most iconic lane way – Hosier Lane, to paint a significant wall that has never before been available to any artist. This form is part of a project entitled ‘Paint Up!’ by Hosier Inc, a not-for-profit association.

Adnate’s submission of Paint Up! is a portrait of an indigenous boy looking over the lane way & out towards Birrarung Marr – a sacred indigenous land mark in the centre of the city. The video by Michael Danischewski gives you a glimpse of the piece being painted over 3 long days, as well as these awesome photos by David Russell.

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The project is supported by a City of Melbourne Arts Grant. More information on Hosier Inc: hosierrutledge.wordpress.com/

So If you still wonder what to do this weekend, grab your camera or iPhone and head over to Hosier Lane to see it yourself

Photos: All photos are screenshots taken from the video

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