We have a new favourite breakfast spot! Well, we wouldn’t mind having lunch here either. To be honest, we don’t really care the meal, as long as we get to eat it here, at Hobba. Hobba is only a short walk from Chapel street, but somehow it feels like a completely different area. Less stressed and uptight and a bit more take-it-as-it-comes.

The venue is quite amazing. Set up in an old tire workshop, with naked brick walls and loads of industrial inspired furniture and string lights in the ceiling, the place has one incredible vibe.




If you only had one more thing to do in life, this is what you should do: go to Hobba and order one (or several! it’s your last thing in life after all) plate of the hotcakes. It arrives with berries, mascarpone and honeycomb and could very well be the most amazing sweet breakfast you’ll ever come across. I’ve had this one twice so far and I spend at least five minutes of every day since daydreaming about it. It’s heaven on a hot cake.


For those without a sweet tooth (seriously? does those people even exist?) there are other options available. How do you like the sound of Smashed Avocado & Mint, with Yarra Valley feta, slow poached egg on pumpkin grain toast with the option of Thyme roasted mushrooms? Oh yes, you know I went for those mushrooms right? You can never say no to mushrooms. Or what about a Bubble & Squeak, with brown butter hollandaise, roasted tomato, fried egg and slab bacon? I don’t even eat meat and I’m intrigued!

Hobba-Smashed-Avo-Mushrooms Hobba-Menu

The only thing I wish Hobba could do is to relocate to my neighbours house. The 7 minute bike ride is simply too far away, as I pretty much just want to move in, and never leave. So, when you head on over, if you see a brownish-read head woman, nose in a book, eating a serving of hot cakes – say hi and ask me how my move is going!


PS. Sandra says the coffee was excellent. I did of course not drink a sip of it, but the chai latte was certainly delicious!
PS2. Sandra says that the orange juice was her favourite. It comes in a hipster jar and looks pretty, but apparently it had more than looks!

428 Malvern Road, Prahran, VIC 3181
03 9510 8336

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat / 7am – 4pm
Sunday / 8am – 4pm
Kitchen closes at 3pm

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