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I was about to get ready to run some errands when I got a text from Stina, saying: “I’m so hungover. Want to go for brunch?”

Avid brunch lovers we are, I of course postponed my plans and drove over to Prahran, to pick her up and… we got stuck in the Saturday mid-day traffic on Chapel Street. Rookie mistake! I know.


Thanks to the traffic jam and Stina’s constant “When can we eat, I’m so hungry!?”, we fatefully got stuck right in front of “Hello Sam” a burger place we both had been wanted to try for a while now. We exchanged looks, shrug our shoulders and silently agreed I should find a spot to park my car.


Opened a while ago at the far end of Chapel Street in South Yarra before it turns into Church Street, “Hello Sam” is a Gourmet Burger concept store that serves a large range of differently styled burgers, including breakfast burgers.



I didn’t expect much in terms of vegetarian options.

At burger places you’ll usually find that odd “alibi veggie burger” on the menu, to keep the veggies happy while their carnivore friends indulge in a variety of meaty goodness. Not here at “Hello Sam” though. I was pleasantly surprised to find not only one, but three different veggie burgers on the menu.

Meat lovers can choose between a variety of lamb, beef, chicken and fish burgers at “Hello Sam”. The list seems endless.

And as if this isn’t enough, you can feed your cravings with hot dogs, onion rings and beer battered chips. And yes it is as good as it sounds.


Stina and me both went for vegetarian options. Stina had a mushroom burger and me a bean burger. Both deliciously good and not only because it was just what Stina needed at this time.

Served on a soft and toasted brioche bun, you can taste the fresh ingredients and the perfectly balanced flavours.


The chips arrived steaming hot at our table and where light and crisp.


The interior is hip yet inviting. On warmer days there is heaps of space to sit outside with your friends, to enjoy a beer or a wine with your burger.


This burger joint totally deserves to be featured here. But you should go there and test it yourself.

More information:

760 Chapel Street
South Yarra

Website | Facebook


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