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We talk a lot about our favourite cafés here on Klaus and Fritz. And admittedly, every time we find a new exciting place to go for brunch we are quick to declare it our new most favourite spot. The thing is, with so many options available in Melbourne, it is not easy to just stick to one place and hand over the crown of glory.

Nevertheless Stina and me both do have brunch joints we hang out regularly – mostly they are in our neighbourhood and became our go to places, not only because of their proximity to our homes but also because they simply offer dishes that make your mouth water by only reading the menu.

For me this place is called Hannah and located in Chapel St close to the corner of Carlisle St.


From the outside you wouldn’t expect it to be a very special. As soon as you step inside though, surrounded by the smooth vinyl tunes and the hearty welcome from their staff you are eager to get a table. This café exudes warmth, and a chilled yet stylish atmosphere. Hannah opened mid to late 2013 and is already a favourite among the locals



Expect this place to be very busy during lunch time and on the weekends. But while you might be waiting for a table, use the time wisely to study the menu cause you’ll need the time to decide what you want to order.


French toast or a `shroom breakfast isn’t outstanding but Hannah’s take on brunch and lunch is something you won’t find anywhere else in Melbourne. Things like “Smoked trout with witlof, radicchio, spinach, poached egg and salsa samphire”, a fancy breakfast salad, really full of honest flavour and varied texture or “Apple Crumble Brioche” or my all time favourite “Enoki, swiss brown, button, shumaji and shitake mushrooms, fontina, rye toast, poached eggs, truffle oil and cress” make me come back week after week after week. Yes it is that good!

The food is simply original and bang on.



For the muffins…
I’ve never ever seen muffins that big in my life before (even though they look like regular muffins in the picture)
Every time I come here there is a new variety of muffins on offer. Expect the unexpected. They are very good value for your hard earned money.


Hannah is run by owner Jason Bates who used to manage Mart 130 and the Grocery Bar in St Kilda. He clearly knows his trade and you can feel his love and passion for the business in every bite of your food and every sip of your Proud Mary coffee.



How can this wonderful place not become your most favourite (neighbourhood) place?
If you are planning your next brunch, ponder no further, just go to Hannah’s and if you see me, say hello and tell me how much you like this place.


More information:
141 Chapel St
St Kilda, VIC, 3182
Phone: (03) 9534 4442

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  • Jason Bates says:

    I have to say, one of the best food cafes I have seen is Merchant’s Guild in East Bentleigh. They used to own Inkr7 and they were customers of mine. Their new cafe is truly wonderful, and I think, are doing the best food in Melbourne, and have everything sorted out very nicely. The service and warmth is spot on
    They were the inspiration for us being special in our food and attitude. The sardine dish they have is my most favourite breakfast ever.
    More importantly, they also have a positivity about sharing the greatness about our cafe culture, without any competitiveness creeping in to their thoughts at all. Something I believe in wholeheartedly.
    You do your thing, and if people like it, great. Don’t care about others, but promote their work too.,it’s our art.
    They also are the makers of Prana Chai, done in the back of their cafe.
    Anyway, check em out. They are doing some really special stuff down there in East Bentleigh, worth the trip.
    Really like your stuff, nice and positive, knowledgeable, and true.

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