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Every time I go to Richmond I always think I’m going to be utterly disappointed, yet every time I leave I’ve got a belly full of goodness and a great experience behind me. I don’t know why I’m so judgemental towards Richmond (I’m sorry, suburb you!) but I think I’m slowly changing it with every new visit.

Just last weekend added a big bump to the plus side of Richmond. After joining a few friends for a house inspection around the corner, we headed to Gypsey & Musquito for some much needed coffee and breakfast. We were all famished and thirsty, some more than others (yes I am thinking of you Eric, with your massive hangover).


When we got close we got a little bit nervous. The few table and chairs outside were full and we needed four seats. Turns out it we shouldn’t have been worried. Because even if the small downstairs cafe is full, there’s tables upstairs. We managed to squeeze in on one end of the communal table, ordered some coffees and chais and started to review the menu. Well everyone did except Eric, who was more half leaning over the table with his head in his arms, than looking at any menu.


The interior is quirky and charming, mismatching and woody and we love it. It feels like it’s been put together piece by piece over years. I’m sure they didn’t because that would be incredibly inefficient, but we love that feeling. They could come home to me and do my interior design any day of the week.


The menu at Gypsey and Musquito isn’t all just the regular fare that you’ll find at any Melbourne cafe. Sure, you have the regular smashed avo and whatnot, but tries to encompass the unique Australian flare. Like the name. It’s actually the name of two bushrangers based in Old Van Diemen’s land, who fought for the establishment of indigenous rights. To honour this heritage the cafe tries to use local and iconic produce to add an extra spice and layer of individuality to their dishes, and we’re all for it!


After going over and re-going over the menu items so many times (too many great choices!) we ordered the beetroot, mint and zucchini fritters along with a beef cheek breaky roll. We sipped our delicious beverages, leaned back and awaited our food while chatting away about the night before and the house we just inspected.

Gypsey-and-Mosquito-Richmond-Bridge-Road-3 Gypsey-and-Mosquito-Richmond-Bridge-Road-5

The food arrived promptly, with a smile and a joke from the waiter. We like that. We like that a lot. But what we like more is food, you all know that.

The breaky roll. Well. What can I say? Oversized might be the best description. It was possibly the biggest breaky roll I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few. It was savoury and filled with flavours and Juan (yes! I brought two of our regular guest authors!) could barely finish it. He did though, because look at it – how could you leave that? That’s right, you can’t.


Me and Eric split the beetroot fritters. They were deep pink-red, fresh and with a delicious salad on top. It was the kind of breakfast that doesn’t leave you over saturated (if you want that order the breaky roll!) but rather fit and lean and cool. And oh, I had a lunch less than two hours later so I didn’t wan to over eat. It was oh so yum though and I left regretting not having one full for myself.


Richmond, you’re growing on me, little by little. And even if I end up still not loving this suburb, I know I’ll come back just for another breakfast here. It’s not too late for one now, is it?

Gypsey-and-Mosquito-Richmond-Bridge-Road-13 Gypsey-and-Mosquito-Richmond-Bridge-Road-15

Gypsey & Musquito
382 Bridge Road, Richmond
03 9939 9314

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri / 6.30 am – 4 pm
Sat – Sun / 7.30 am – 4 pm

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