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I know that summer is long gone and we’re going head first into this awful season called winter. But trying to look through our fairly unclean office windows, and if I squint, I can still pretend it’s summer. And coming from Sweden, the one thing I appreciated with the colder season here is that’s it’s actually quite bearable. Bring a coat and a scarf you can have a drink outside pretty much any time of the year. Well, I suppose not any time – when it’s pouring outside even I will stay inside.

The reason of all that about the weather is that when I first went to Grub Food Van it was the end of the summer and this felt like the perfect summer place. Heck – I would even go so far to dub this as one of my all time favourites for summer hangouts. But you know what? It’s not just a one-season fling. It’s worth heading here more any time of the year. Like now, for example.


Grub Food Van is an actual van. To be precise it’s a 1956 Airstream van that they bought online (eBay, for reals). It left it’s original home in Iowa, USA, and now lives in the front yard of the converted warehouse on a back street in Fitzroy. It was named as they thought the streamline of the van looked like, well, a grub (for those who don’t have a single clue what a grub is, like me, it’s the larva form of a beetle).

Don’t get it wrong, this is no regular old food truck. Grub Food Van has found its home there in the yard, and it’ll be in it’s space every time you get there. It’s like a really reliable friend, only in the form of a stationary van.


The vibe of this place is no less than great. It’s not just the van, but the mats all over the ground, that they make the effort of dragging out a fridge or having a little play house for the kids. There are few places which I walked into and immediately felt intrigued and fascinated, all at the same time, but this is definitely one of them.

Well, sitting outside isn’t always an option, is it? Not with all this rain we’ve had in the last few days. Don’t you worry. There’s an inside part too. Step through those sliding glass door and into something that feels a little bit like a green oasis. And oh, did I mention there’s a ping pong table?



On the menu you will find an interesting and eclectic collection of dishes and drinks. Go for a one of the interstate beers, or just sip on some really great coffee. And just like the decor, the food had a real kitschy yet homely vibe. You can expect some fresh ingredients, looking all nicely on the plate and tasting swell.


Cute, quirky AND tasty, could it really get better? I don’t think so really. Well, I told you already, it’s up there on the list as one of my absolute favourites. Just go already.


Grub Food Van
87-89 Moor St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
(03) 9419 8991
Website – FacebookTwitter

Opening Hours
Mon / Closed
Tue – Thu / 8am – 5pm
Fri – Sat / 8am – 9pm
Sun / 8am – 5pm

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