Green Refectory



Green Refectory looks modest from the outside, I almost didn’t see it. Getting in the first space is cramped, and sure the cakes look amazing, but I got a little flustered. It’s tight up front, but as soon as you pass the counter, the place spreads out a little bit here and there. You might have to squeeze your way through and cross your fingers that you’ll find a seat, because boy this place is popular. And we understand why.


We headed there for some cake. Honestly, to call it “some” is an understatement. That was the plan but we ended up ordering a piece of the strawberry sponge cake, a muffin, a custard tart and some one-day-old forest cake. Had we taken on too much? Sure, there were three of us, but we’d already eaten brunch. 


Our cakes were surprisingly cheap, we only had to pay $12.50 for the lot. And this goes for all things at Green Refectory, they’re all surprisingly cheap. What’s even better, they’re all plenty delicious. All in all it’s a win-win situation, with great food at great prices. I didn’t think that was possibly, but this place proves me wrong.


Oh, you wanted to know if we ever did finish those sweet treats we got? You probably guessed it already. We did, every last crumb of ‘em. We left slightly fatter and a lot happier.

Green Refectory
115 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056
(03) 9387 1150
Urban Spoon (no website, sorry!)

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat / 7am – 8pm
Sun / 8am – 6pm

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