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Who doesn’t like a pint of beer? Well, honestly, had you asked me at age 22, I’d crinkle my nose, look at you and said ‘No way!’. Nowadays you’d get a very different response. Although I’m not yet managed to like all those dark, fancy looking beers (Guinness, I’m looking at you), I’ve grown leaps and bounds since then. When I moved to Melbourne I was a bit afraid of the beer scene, as I had heard it was sad and frankly quite bland. But to my surprise I arrived in a city with a bustling beer scene, with new micro breweries popping up ever so often.

Which takes me to Good Beer Week. That’s definitely something for all my fellow beer lovers out there. It’s the fourth year running, and will be held in and around Melbourne the 17 – 25 May. Yes, it might feel like ages away, but I promise you it’s not. Tickets are on sale now, and May will be here sooner than you think.

Hey, before you go get yourself some tickets, you might want some more info on what’s going on, right? I’ll give you a handful of examples, as there is simply too much going on to give you a complete overview. First out, what about a smashing opening party? The Good Beer Week crew wants to kick of this week with something spectacular, and the newly opened Forester’s Hall plays hosts for what can only be an epic night. There’ll be live entertainment and for sure some really good beer. Oh, and did I mention entrance is free? No excuses!

There’s more stuff than an opening party. A whole load of different venues in and around the city will have beer related events, whether it’s offering exclusive beers (and meet the brewers!) to masterclasses for the beer nerd, or foodie events for people who wants some deliciousness to match with their beers. I’m not going to go on more. Just click on through the link below for detailed info about all events going on.

In short. Beer. May 17th – 25th. Will we see you there?

Good Beer Week
May 17 – 25 2014.

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