German food the Melbourne way at OST



German food normally doesn’t get me all excited. After all, I’m a vegetarian. So when a friend recommended this place to me (like REALLY recommended. He was dead set on making me and a few friends go there) I thought I simply had to check it out.

First off: place is cute enough. Lights and flowers on the tables, squiggly hardwood chairs and the cherry on top – a bench tv (fully functioning! Picture proof at the end of this article) at the entrance.


First challenge of the night was reading the menu. Since it’s a German place, a lot of it is in (drumroll) … German. There is a little glossary available, but I relied on a German-speaking friend. Anyway, should you know anyone who knows the language, they probably also want to eat the food, so bring ‘em. Let them do the heavy lifting (i.e. reading) while you lean back, listen to their hilarious descriptions of the food (don’t tell them about the glossary!) while sipping on a glass of wine.

Speaking of wine, this place actually offers my favourite rosé by the glass, so if you’re in the mood, order yourselves a glass of Dominique Portet. I promise you, you won’t regret it.


What about the food then? As you can expect, it’s hearty and filling, and full of butterly deliciousness. The meat-eaters were indeed happy. Me? I apparently ordered a german mac and cheese, which I somehow wasn’t expecting (this is why you should bring someone to interpret). Despite this miss (I’m no big fan of mac and cheese) I did indeed gobble it all down, because it was comfort food at its best.


It’s German food with a Melbourne soul, and not a regular meal you’d expect here in Melbourne. And I must say – I appreciate it for it. It’s still delicious but with a personality to it, in a place that has a calming and quaint vibe to it.


306 Bridge Road, Richmond
03 9429 6724

Opening Hours
Mon – Tue / Closed
Wed – Thur / 4.30pm – 11pm
Fri / 11.30am – 11pm
Sat / 8am – 11pm
Sun / 8am – 10pm

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