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I saw someone on Instagram posting a photo of 1000 £ Bend and was hooked as I was looking for a relaxed café afar from the tourists to meet with a friend over a coffee. I don’t know why I didn’t discover this place sooner, but I’ve been here so frequently lately I can almost call it home.

1000 £ Bend is an art gallery, café and bar. It arose from the ashes of St Jerome’s, is brother to Sister Bella and the Worker’s Club in Fitzroy. Give you an idea of the vibe?

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During the day it’s a great place to work if you’re okay with blending in with the hipsters and the music (which is great) in the background. Big plus the free wifi works like a charm and is really fast. There’s also comfortable seating area with heaters for smokers and if they run out of tobacco, no need to leave the venue as they (oddly enough) sell everything to fulfill your smokers needs.

First time I was there I’ve went with the recomendation people gave on Foursquare and ordered the Saganaki Burger. I have to say it was very impressive and tasty and I’d easily eat this of it’s own accord. Plus it’s 100% vegetarian.

1000 pound bend

Beyond the café is an exhibition space, home to an ever-changing roster of shows; it hosts a broad and eclectic range of styles and mediums, from furniture design graduate shows to street art battles.

Upstairs lies the screening room. It’s furnishing contains of an array of mismatched chairs, beanbags and the ever so stylish milk crates. Once a month I was told it plays host to the Melbourne Horror Film Society.

Off note, 1000 £ Bend makes good use of what they have, and ergo, it makes for a fantastic catchup spot, wether it be day or night.

Follow them on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates and for all cinema and gallery enquiries just hit their website.

Address: 361 Little Lonsdale St , Melbourne 3000

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