Franco Choo’s

In a months time I am moving from Prahran and this is one place I will miss. Like really, really miss. This is where I went with my husband when we got a ‘treat yourself’ cash transfer from my mum (thanks mum!), where I brought my dad when he was visiting, and where I conjure up any excuse to go to whenever I feel like celebrating.

It’s a tiny restaurant, only fitting a handful of people. The service is always impeccable, helpful and with a smile. It’s a little bit outside your regular Melbourne restaurant experience, and you definitely get a whiff of Italy in there. They say it’s like being in someone’s dining room and they’re spot on with that, I must say. I have rarely gotten such a personal experience at a restaurant before.

The food is ever changing with the seasons so I won’t, and can’t, go into detail on what is on the menu. In November they are cooking with broccoli, tomato, asparagus, peas, bottarga, fennel, lamb, barramundi and strawberry. If you go in December you can expect some changes to that though. What you can be completely sure of is that it is delicious. Always cooked to perfection and perfectly balanced, it’s exquisite while robust. Just as I want a meal.

Make sure to head on here hungry and leave some room for dessert. It will be worth it, just take my word for it.

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