For the love of Jafflechutes


(Yes, we got the spelling wrong in the video. And yes, we’re too lazy to change it. So sue us!)

Don’t know what jafflechutes is? Well, it’s simple really: a jafflechute is a jaffle (delicious) attached to a parachute (soft landing). They call themselves Melbourne’s first float-down eatery. We headed to one of their float-down-eatery for dinner yesterday.

If you follow us on Facebook you already know we got crazy excited about going to Jaffleshutes yesterday. Seriously, it might be the most crazy, whimsical and absolutely fabulously amazing food-falling-from-the-sky event we’ve ever attended. Not that I’ve ever seen food fall from the sky that many times, but you get the picture.

The only bad thing I can say is that I wish this would happen more often. So far Jafflechute’s have only singled down over Melbourne streets twice, and that’s simply not enough to still my need for falling food. We’re crossing our fingers for it to become a bit more of a regular.

Check out and follow Jafflechutes on Facebook or on Twitter to get a heads up and put your order in the next time it’s time for some parachuting goodness to head your way!

  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-1 1310-Jaffleshutes-1
  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-2 1310-Jaffleshutes-2
  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-3 1310-Jaffleshutes-3
  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-4 1310-Jaffleshutes-4
  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-5 1310-Jaffleshutes-5
  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-6 1310-Jaffleshutes-6
  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-7 1310-Jaffleshutes-7
  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-8 1310-Jaffleshutes-8
  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-9 1310-Jaffleshutes-9
  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-10 1310-Jaffleshutes-10
  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-11 1310-Jaffleshutes-11
  • 1310-Jaffleshutes-12 1310-Jaffleshutes-12

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