Extreme Gelato at N2


You know what? I heard the heat is coming back! Starting on Monday we’ll see +30 degree days again and you know what is a perfect accessory to a hot day? Ice cream! If you read us in December, you probably saw our post about Messina (oh, we love that ice cream), but there’s more hyped ice cream places in town that we needed to check out. This time it was time for N2 Extreme Gelato.


Located in the heart of Fitzroy on Brunswick Street, we almost passed it the first time, despite the big sign outside. Oh, and don’t make the rookie mistake we did – remember to bring some cash as that’s the only way you can pay.


We wish we were Beyoncé. Seriously, she’s getting a swell deal.


Once inside it’s all cool and nice, with wooden walls, fake grass seating and a big blackboard, showing the different specials on right now. This week it was all about tennis, to honour the Australian Open and all.


Pick a special mix or simply go for one of the scoops. We giggled when we saw the comment to the 2 scoop option, but you know what? It’s so true. We’ll get back to that later.


When you order, it takes a little while, because this is where the magic happens. I don’t know what’s going on in these ice cream machines, nor am I sure I really want to know, because hey, seeing those machines get to work followed by and some magical smoke (that would be the N2, the nitrogen gas), I really don’t want to know more. I felt a little bit like a kid and don’t want to take away that feeling of simply being in awe.


What about the ice cream then? Well it has a different texture than other gelato I’ve had. It’s more dense, but still absolutely delicious. But if you normally are a two scoop kind of person – I promise you, one scoop is plenty. They’re completely right, you really don’t need more.

Me, I had the Sharapova, which was a deconstructed pavlova, because after all, I’m a sucker for anything pavlova. And it was great. Light, but surprisingly filling, and it felt quirky and fun with the puree pipettes. Again it made me feel like a kid on an outing, and that’s a bloody good feeling.


Bring the ice cream along for a stroll on Brunswick street, or simply head further into the shop and have a seat on one of the grass-covered seating areas. It’s not very ordered, but we love that. You just lounge on the grass, while taking your time, slowly enjoying that tasty ice cream.

N2 Extreme Gelato
329 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065


Opening Hours
1pm – 11pm every day all year round

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