East Elevation & Monsieur Truffe


East Elevation & Monsieur Truffe - Interior

Prepare yourself for massive amounts of food pictures in this post. We couldn’t exclude a single one, cause you know, we love food, mainly eating it, but when we can’t have that, we like to take and spread photos of them. And this was some unusually amazing food.

Before we get to that, lets talk interiors, because this place is especially spectacular. I generally have a soft spot for old industrial building, and this one perfectly fits the bill. But what they’ve done with the place is just bloody amazing. They’ve managed to make it light, luscious and just incredibly inviting.

East Elevation & Monsieur Truffe - Chocolate

And you know what the best part is? East Elevation shares this space with Monsieur Truffe – a chocolate factory. Between the two areas are glass wall, so during weekdays you can peek in on the chocolate making process. And as you can guess – there’s clear traces of this on the menu.

East Elevation & Monsieur Truffe - East Elevation & Monsieur Truffe - Cakes

And about the menu – oh my. There’s a whole lot to choose from, even from a picky vegetarian as me. All in all it took us a good ten minutes just to make up our minds. Pro tip: make sure that you’re not aggressively super hungry, or you’ll go under from all the choices. If you are, just stick with what I got:the King & Swiss brown mushrooms with baby spinach and goats cheese on grilled rye. Because you know what? That was a complete bulls-eye.

East Elevation & Monsieur Truffe - Menu

It’s time. Let the food pictures begin! Warm up your scrolling finger so you don’t strain it in the process. I’ll give you some keywords to repeat in your head while looking.

Coffee – delicious.
Chai Latte – The biggest one we’ve encountered in Melbourne and perfectly creamy.
Ice Chocolate & Ice Mochas – So fabulously decadent and the chocolate great!
Big Breakfast – Geez, that’s a lot of meat, alongside perfectly poached eggs
Veggie Breakfast – Tempeh wasn’t too exciting, but that’s probably due to Tempeh never ever being super exciting
Avocado smash – Oh, so fresh

East-Elevation-5 East-Elevation-7 East-Elevation-8 East-Elevation-10
Do you think I went a bit crazy there with the all caps, but believe me, I didn’t. I’m a mushroom fan. Well, more than a mushroom fan. Just ask Sandra. Whenever we go to a new place and go through the menu and I happily exclaim ‘Oh I know what I’m ordering!’ she just looks at me and asks if it was the mushroom dish. She is correct in about 98% of the cases. So I have eaten my way through a fair share of mushroom dishes in this city and this one makes it to my top 5, easy.

My only regret is that after essentially inhaling that dish, I didn’t have any room for the chocolate fondue with fruit. That’s on the schedule for next time. Have you tried it? Do leave a comment below and tell us all about how it was. Based on our other food experiences here, we’re guessing utterly delicious.

East Elevation & Monsieur Truffe - Exterior

East Elevation (and Monsieur Truffe) 
351 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, VIC 3057
(03) 9381 5575

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri / 8am – 4pm
Sat – Sun / 8.30am – 5pm

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