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I am a bit shocked we haven’t featured Dukes Coffee Roasters in Windsor before. Like really? What’s wrong with us. Mainly because I tend to end up here for coffee (or truthfully rather a chai) and breakfast at least once every other week.

First of all, there’s not just one Dukes in Melbourne. There’s actually three. And even though we love the CBD one (which was mentioned in our Top 5 Chai Lattes post a while ago) and the one in Docklands, today we’re all about the Windsor one. Because there’s one major difference: Dukes in Windsor offers up food! And you all know we love food.

They’re interior is fairly small and always crowded. It’s bustling and busy and we love that part of it. We totally get it because it’s one amazing place.



But before we head on into the food section of this post, let’s talk drinks. More specifically: coffee. From the name you’ve probably already figured out that these guys don’t just serve up some delicious coffee, they roast it too. With a whole bunch of coffee geekery going on behind the scenes, you can expect some smashing tasting coffee. Or at least so say all my coffee drinking buddies I drag to this cafe.


Me, I’ll go for a chai. And damn, that is a good one. Their serve is very similar to the Dukes on Flinders Lane (as you’d expect) and come on, they were on the Top 5, so this is essentially on that list too. It’s delicious. I just wish it came in bigger containers, but hey, I can always order two. Which I tend to do almost every time I come by.


Are you’re ready for food yet, are you? We are! Make sure you head here hungry. The menu offers a variety of dishes, all true to the typical Melbourne breakfast fare. They’ve got a delicious avo smash, although on almost any given day I’ll opt for the mushrooms on brioche, which comes with some shiraz over it. Note to all cafe owners out there: use brioche more, in as many dishes as you can, please!

Although not pictured here, if you’re in the mood for something smaller try their toasties, or a halloumi sandwich (oh yum! Although quite big, so you might want an appetite for that too). They also have a bunch of sweets on offer, which always includes a delicious, soft muffin that kind of melts in your mouth, as well as some kick ass almond croissants.

02-DukesCoffeeRoasters-4 02-DukesCoffeeRoasters-5

Yeah, we’re not going to lie, we love this place. It’s the kind of place that’s always good and always consistent, and even though it’s busy you always get attentive waiters, a smile and a darn good cuppa. I’m hungry now. See you there for breakfast tomorrow?

Dukes Windsor
169 Chapel St, Windsor
03 9521 4884

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri / 6.30am – 4pm
Sat – Sun / 7am – 4.30pm
Public Holidays / 7am – 4pm

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