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All avid Klaus and Fritz readers out there know by now that we’re suckers for cafes. We don’t really care if it’s for breakfast, brunch, lunch or just a cuppa, if someone asks us to go try out a new place, we’re game. So when a friend of mine checked if I wanted to meet her at Drugstore Espresso for some coffee (for her, chai for me, of course) and edibles, I said yes before she finished the question. Said and done, we settled on a day and headed there.

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I am also a big sucker for quirkily decorated cafes and Drugstore Espresso ticked those boxes, easy. When you walk in you’ll be met by a counter, and half a level up is the main indoor seating area.

When I ascended those stairs my phone buzzed. A text from my friend telling me she just woke up. Uh oh! Oh well. I really didn’t mind waiting, with a steaming cup of chai latte and some friendly conversation with the waiter left me with a laugh and made those 30 min of waiting feel like not that long at all.


But what about the menu? Before we talk food, let’s talk coffee. Because you’ve probably figured out by the name already that these guys know how to make a cup. Sure, I don’t drink it, so you’ll have to trust my (late) friends vouching. And it’s not just your regular coffee, oh no. Their menu even starts with a section called ‘Pro Coffee’. Yep, told you, they take it seriously! They offer your regular coffee options, but also have alternative brews, like a 10 or 24 hour cold drip!

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But despite the name, this place isn’t all about coffee. There’s plenty on the food menu as well. I ordered a serving of their smashed avo. It’s not your regular smashed avo, which was a bit intriguing, served with charred corn and heirloom tomatoes, along with crispy polenta pieces. Damn good, and the best part – I think it may have been healthy? I at least felt healthy and all kinds of awesome chewing down on it.

My friend, in her newly woken up daze, hadn’t gotten an appetite yet, and opted for a smaller, sweeter treat in the form of an almond croissant, that slowly, but with great determination, was wholly consumed. She didn’t leave a single crumb.

One thing that I’ve heard a great many things about is their burgers. Unfortunately for me there wasn’t any veggie options among them, but if you’ve tried any of them – leave a comment and let us know what you think!


Cute, cheery and delicious, it’s a place that we wouldn’t mind heading to again and again. Next time I think I’ll try a bit of those salads in the counter at front, they look absolutely scrumptious!

Drugstore Espresso
194 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141
(03) 9827 5058

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri / 7am – 4pm
Sat – Sun / 8am – 4pm

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