Drink and Shop at General Store & Co.


Can you imagine a world where you do your shopping while you are getting a haircut at the barber and at the same time sipping on a Sangria?
I know your answer would be no, but since we opened this article with this question you know there must be some magical place out there that combines just that.

Of course you were right, because this place is called General Store & Co. and is located up Franklin St, in Melbourne’s more quiet part of the CBD. Luckily for you, Stina and me have done the deeds and checked out this place when they had their official launch.


A village for the people

Nowadays a truly unique concept is essential for new bars, to stand out from the rest of the bar crowd and General Store & Co. has done just that. Their concept: being a venue for the people – A Melburnian village with bar, cafe, barber hovel, shoe store, clothing, imported special edition books and whatever canned grocery you can think of.

The interior is just as ever evolving as the products in their shelfs.

Boxes of Coco Pops, tins of tomatoes and jars of sauce deck the walls, while swings made out of old car seats and old coffee machines make perfect tables. Everywhere you turn, something quirky and completely random sparks a smile and conversation, from the wall-mounted shopping trolley serving as a glass rack to the old fuel tap hanging from the ceiling pouring out cold drinks.








The easy-going vibe attracts definitely a laid-back crowd, where people chat and mill around in the cozy little courtyard under the watchful eye of the Statue of Liberty. Made from plastic crates, this giant structure is home to a veggie patch running through it, used by their mixologists to spice up and prettify your drinks.






You’ve already noticed this place is quite unique. So we suggest you give it a go and pay the guys at General Store & Co. a visit.

They are next to the Vic Market and sell Hard Liquor till 3am, the same time the music finishes, along with the time their barber is trundling off home with a sackful of scalps and whiskers. General Store & Co. opens back up in the morning for coffee and +++…drumrolls please…+++ have also free Wi-Fi.

Didn’t I tell you it’s a magical place?! See!

More Information:
General Store & Co.
213 Franklin St, Melbourne, Vic, 3000
Phone: 0420545321
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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