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The last couples of weeks my girlfriends and I established something called “Ladies Who Lunch”, which is basically a group of friends who meet up over brunch for a chat, a giggle and a nice cup of coffee.
With everyone being so busy all the time it’s nice to have something where we can spend quality time with each other and catch up on what’s going on our lives.

So last week we caught up in Abbotsford at Dr Morse.

dr-morse-28_small Located almost on the corner of Hoddle and Johnston St, Dr Morse has become a somewhat of a local eatery / bar / beer garden. It’s proximity to the Victoria Park train station makes it handy for commuters to grab a coffee in the morning on their way to work or to stop by after a long day at the office to enjoy a pint and a burger at night.

Inside, they’ve rendered what was once Kiss FM HQ into a golden glowing playhouse, festooned with plants and embroidered cushions.
The interior is contemporary yet cozy. On a rainy day you can kick back in comfy leather chairs right next to the fireplace and on a sunny day the beergarden is just simply the place to be. It’s huge and inviting and has long tables to accommodate all of your friends.
We did come for brunch on a Saturday and the place was packed as you would at this time. As we were 10 people I thought it might be tricky to get a table but the place is huge and there was no problem fitting us all on one table.

The venue’s head chef, Josh Clark (with sous chefs Kane Papworth and Tyler Preston serve up a range of subtle fusions such as sardines with fiery Habanero sambal, or pork belly with pear and tabasco jam. Simpler options include Jaffles, a beef burger, pig ear bites with mayo, or cheese and biscuits.

dr-morse-24_small dr-morse-22_small dr-morse-21_small


As for vegetarians this place has unfortunately not a lot to offer. All the menus and the day’s specials were purely meat based which is fine for my meat loving friends but we were quite a few veggies that day and struggled to choose from two types of sandwiches and a salad.
So if you are preeetty hungry and are a vegetarian you might want to have something to eat before you hit Dr Morse with your friends.


But I have to give it to them, the coffee at Dr Morse is delicious.One of the best I had in Melbourne so far. I know this is a big call but oh so true.

The real star of the day was the hot chocolate for us though. It was rich, smooth and it came with an even richer and smoother slice of Brownie. If you have a sweet tooth this is a must have for you, believe me. Some of us even ordered a second one.
dr-morse-11_small dr-morse-8_small

Price wise you are still in your comfy Abbotsford / Smith Street budget. Definitely a place I would go back, but next time I would try the bar in the beergarden.

Abbotsford keeps getting better and better.

More information:

Dr Morse
274 Johnston Street
Abbotsford, Victoria, 3067

Mon – Thu: 07:00 – 23:00
Fri – Sat: 07:00 – 01:00
Sun: 07:00 – 23:00

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