Doughboys Doughnuts Pop-Up Store



A friend of mine posted a picture of one of the most delicious looking doughnuts I’ve ever seen, on her Instagram and I knew, I HAD to get one myself. Thankfully she had the geolocation tag added to the picture, so I started to check out the place on Foursquare – Doughboys Doughnuts Pop up Store.

What is Doughboys Doughnuts Pop up Store

Doughboys Doughnuts are hand forged doughnuts, hand dipped, and made fresh everyday with quality ingredients and flavour combinations. So far the hard facts. Curious about it? So were we! I dragged Stina with me a few weeks ago but we had no luck that day as the shop is closed on Tuesdays. Sh… 2 weeks later and I was back again. I brought a friend with me and left Stina at the office. But it didn’t take long for her to pack her things up and to join us.

doughboys-doughnuts-melbourne-store The wait wasn’t too long and we’ve ordered a lemon zest and poppy-seed doughnut as well as two Double D – peanut butter, chocolate and nuts (I can’t recall all ingredients as I forgot to take notes. I was far too excited about the whole experience).



After my first bite I simply knew, I was about to taste something special. They were possibly the best donuts I’ve ever had in Melbourne, …or even in my entire life. And I don’t say these things lightly. I wanna marry this shop, or adopt the owners as little brothers or something like that.


We had a bit of a hard time eating them and our hands got all messy, so we’ve decided to bring in the chopsticks. Best decision ever and highly recommended if you don’t wanna end up like me with doughnut sauce all over your jeans and bag. Long story short: These doughnuts are not your usual Krispy Kreme ones. These doughnuts are rich in flavor, come in a good size and are very filling. In fact you might wanna skip lunch afterwards and just dream about how delicious you Doughboys Doughnut was.


As a vegetarian I wonder what the Maple Bacon doughnut tastes like. It sure did look delicious. They say the flavour combination is divine and it makes me want to try it. I wish there was a veggie equivalent to it. (If you had one of the Maple Bacon doughnuts, please tell me in the comments how it was and how it tastes like. I’m dying to know.) As Doughboys Doughnuts is only a temporary pop-up shop you should hurry to head over and try them. If you pay Doughboys Doughnuts a visit just in mind to be there in time before they sell out or the wait times go ballistic. Let’s just hope they will get a permanent stall soon, as it would definitely be a bright little star on Melbourne’s culinary heaven. ______________________________ Update: since we’ve visited them the first time the temporary pop-up store has move to Doughboys Doughnuts Pop-Up Store The Mercat 456 Queen Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000 Facebook Hours: Tue: 7am – 2pm Thu – Sat: 7am – 11am

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